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How-To Guides
cPanel License Installation
Posted on Jul 16, 2015 9:14 pm

Have a cPanel License? Installation on your server couldn’t be easier. Here’s a simple how-to on adding a cPanel License with us:

Step 1: Get to the cPanel Page

We’re breaking these steps up really, really small here because it is just that simple to set up a cPanel License with NetDepot. So, the first step here really isn’t even a step. After you’ve logged in to your NetDepot Server Control Panel, click on “Software Licenses” > “cPanel License”.

Navigate to the cPanel License page

Step 2: Add Your cPanel IP

This gets a tad complicated. You have to decide whether you’re adding the cPanel Dedicated License or the cPanel VPS License. Either way, go ahead and plug your license’s IP address into the appropriate field and click the “add” button next to that field. Your page will reload and you should see the license displayed below the add license fields!

Add a dedicated or vps cPanel license

Step 3: Grab a beer?

We really could have stopped at Step 2 for adding your cPanel License, but 3 steps just rounds it out nicely. After you’ve added it you can click on the desired license to view the details, change the license ip, view billing or terminate the license.

Finishing adding a cPanel License

Need more information on our cPanel Licenses or any of our other products? Contact us online or call 844-25-CLOUD.


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