Why Choose The NETdepot Cloud Object Storage Solution

  • Innovative Network Infrastructure
  • Instant Activation
  • Direct Connect Options
  • 24*7 Help & Tech Support
  • Blazing Fast HTTPS REST API
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Migration Service
  • No Data Tiers to Choose From
  • Simple, Predictable Pricing
  • Simple ACL’s
  • Fully Encrypted Infrastructure
  • Immutable Data Protection
  • Private Intra-Data Center Connection
  • No Single Points of Failure Design
  • Datacenter Mirror Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

What location is my data stored?

We current offer 2 locations and have a 3rd coming soon:

  • Houston, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA – coming soon

All of our facilities go through a rigorous site selection process of both physical, power, cooling, network and support review process before we choose to add a location to the NETdepot platform to give out customers the best in class in all our Cloud Services.

Can I direct connect with NETdepot?

With our direct connect service, you can transfer an unlimited amount of data to and from our network without any egress fees. To order a direct connect, please submit a ticket in our customer portal.

What is S3 Storage ?

S3 Compatible Storage is a storage solution that allows access to and management of the data it stores over an S3 compliant interface.

Can you help migrate my data over from: AWS, Azure or any other S3 provider?

Absolutely, our team can do this seamlessly. Just simply signup for an account and then submit a ticket to our team and we will gladly assist you in the existing process!

What Can I Do With S3 Storage ?

Store unlimited amount of objects in a scalable cloud-based file system which is highly available.

Fast Cloud Storage To Fit Your Needs

  • Secure Isolation & Encryption
  • No Overages or Hidden Fees
  • Multiple Storage Regions
  • Private Network Port Options