• Dedicated & Secure Environment
  • Fully Customizable Infrastructure
  • Multiple Data Center Locations (US: Central & East)
  • Optimized Performance & Reliability

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Why Choose Our Private VMware Cloud Hosting?

There are so many reasons to choose Private VMware Cloud Hosting. Not only is it well suited to businesses of all sizes, it’s also secure and fully flexible, so you can adapt your hosting to meet the changing requirements of your company.

Customizable infrastructure means that applications can be built and deployed in any way you choose, and you’ll never be held back by the restrictions of your hosting package.

Private VMware Cloud Hosting gives complete access to cutting edge network infrastructure, with fast and reliable performance guaranteed. It’s the perfect way to rapidly boost the capabilities of your company and really start to impress your customers.

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Advanced Network Infrastructure
Rapid Deployment
Direct Connect Options
24/7 Support & Technical Assistance
VMware Technology Integration


User-friendly Control Panel
Migration Assistance
Scalable Resources
Fully Customizable Solutions
API Support


End-to-end Encryption
Robust Data Protection
Dedicated Network Connectivity
Fault-tolerant Architecture
Disaster Recovery Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the data centers located?

Our data centers are located across 4 compute zones. Northeast, Southeast, Southcentral, and West. All sites have undergone a full and complete selection process, which includes everything from security assessments to investigations into power, cooling network, and support capabilities. So you can rest assured that your data center is fully equipped to provide best-in-class services.

What can I do with Private VMware Cloud Hosting?

Choose Private VMware Cloud Hosting and you’ll benefit from unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

Our Private VMware Cloud Hosting options enable customers to build and deploy a huge range of applications, and it all happens within the dedicated, secure, and fully customizable infrastructure provided by our team. So, it’s simple for companies to manage workloads and make the most of the time they have available.

Scalability is simpler too, so your company will always be in a position to meet changes in demand – and make the most of new opportunities.

What is Private VMware Cloud Hosting?

Put simply, Private VMware Cloud Hosting is a hosting option that gives companies access to a fully dedicated and secure environment, within a customizable infrastructure. This allows brands to really make the most of the enormous power of VMware technology as they build and deploy applications.

Can I direct connect with NETdepot?

Yes, you can. Our direct connect service allows customers to transfer unlimited data to and from our network. To order a direct connect, just submit a ticket in our customer portal.

Can you help migrate my data from other cloud providers or on-premise environments?

Of course. Our team is on hand to assist with every aspect of the migration process. Sign up for an account and submit a ticket to our team to get started.

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