• Ultra-Fast Data Access & Transfer Speeds
  • Scalable & Reliable Storage Solutions
  • Multiple Data Center Locations (US: Central & East)
  • Optimized for Demanding Workloads

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Why Choose Our High Performance NVMe Storage?

When you choose High Performance NVMe Storage, your company benefits from superior speed, reliability, and scalability for all your storage needs.

Data access is delivered exceptionally fast, and transfer speeds get a huge boost from day one. Perfect for companies with high-performance applications and demanding workloads, High Performance NVMe Storage really does make all the difference.

Our High Performance NVMe Storage gives companies access to cutting-edge network infrastructure, which you can rely on for fast performance every time. If you’re looking for a new way to boost the potential of your business and ensure it’s always fully equipped to meet surges in demand, this is it.

Fast cloud storage service - NETdepot


State-of-the-art Network Infrastructure
Instant Provisioning
Direct Connect Options
24/7 Support & Technical Assistance
Optimized for High-Speed Data Processing


User-friendly Control Panel
Migration Support
Expandable Storage Capacity
Tailored Storage Solutions
API Compatibility


End-to-end Data Protection
Robust Infrastructure
High Availability & Redundancy
Fault-tolerant Architecture
Disaster Recovery Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the data centers located?

Our data centers are located across 4 compute zones. Northeast, Southeast, Southcentral, and West. All of our locations have been subject to an exhaustive series of assessments to ensure that they’re fully capable of managing the rising workloads of our customers.

These data centers have been assessed in everything from their physical security, power, and cooling provisions to their network and support capabilities.

Choose one of these data centers, and you’ll always be able to access the best-in-class services offered by all NETdepot cloud solutions.

What can I do with High Performance NVMe Storage?

High Performance NVMe Storage gives companies the ability to store and manage enormous volumes of data, and it comes with ultra-fast access and transfer speeds. It’s perfect for high-performance applications, large databases, and demanding workloads.

With High Performance NVMe Storage, you’ll always be able to manage your data easily. You can also scale your storage capacities according to your business needs – in a moment’s notice.

What is High Performance NVMe Storage?

High Performance NVMe Storage is a storage solution that uses Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology. This allows it to deliver ultra-fast data access and transfer speeds. The end result is a storage provision that’s particularly well suited to demanding workloads and high-performance applications.

Can I direct connect with NETdepot?

Yes, use our direct connect service to transfer unlimited data to and from our network. Submit a ticket using our customer portal to order your direct connect.

Can you help migrate my data from other storage providers or on-premise environments?

Our team is always on hand to help customers with tasks like these. If you need assistance during the migration process, just let us know. Sign up for an account today and you’ll be able to submit a ticket to get in touch with our team. We’ll then guide you through the process with as much or as little help as you need.

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