• Highly Scalable & Flexible Infrastructure
  • Our Average Customer Saves 25%
  • Multiple Data Center Locations (US: Central & East)
  • Seamless Integration with AWS Services

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Why Choose Our AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting

Choose NETdepot’s AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting, and you’ll immediately benefit from a whole host of performance features. Innovative infrastructure ensures a fast and reliable experience every time, meaning your business is always prepared to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of fast-moving marketplaces.

Our platform integrates with AWS services, providing customers with the freedom to make the most of all the AWS features and tools on offer. Robust infrastructure and a transparent pricing model ensure there are no nasty surprises, either.

Fast cloud storage service - NETdepot


State-of-the-art Network
Instant Provisioning
Direct Connect Options
24/7 Support & Tech Assistance
AWS Services Integration


User-friendly Control Panel
Migration Assistance
Scalable Resources
Customizable Solutions
API Support


End-to-end Encryption
Robust Data Protection
Private Network Connectivity
Redundant Architecture
Disaster Recovery Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the data centers located?

Our data centers are located in 4 compute zones. Northeast, Southeast, Southcentral, and West. Every one of our facilities undergoes a stringent site selection process, which includes full assessments of physical security, power, cooling, network, and support capabilities. This means that our customers are assured of the best-in-class services across all NETdepot cloud locations.

What can I do with AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting?

With AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting, you can build and deploy a wide variety of applications. AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting allows companies to really leverage the full power of AWS services within a secure and scalable infrastructure that’s all provided by NETdepot. So, companies can manage workloads and scale resources as and when required – with no fuss.

What is AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting?

AWS Compatible Cloud Hosting is a hosting option that fully integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools and features. This means companies can make the most of the phenomenal power of AWS within a highly scalable and secure infrastructure.

Can I direct connect with NETdepot?

Yes, our direct connect service allows you to transfer unlimited data to and from our network. To order a direct connect, simply submit a ticket in our customer portal, and a member of our team will get back to you.

Can you help migrate my data from AWS, Azure, or any other cloud provider?

Absolutely. Our team can handle the whole migration process for you. Just sign up for an account and submit a ticket to our team. We’ll guide you through the process.

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