Why Choose Our Disaster Recovery As a Service Solutions Powered by Cohesity?

If you’re looking for reliable and efficient disaster recovery solutions that won’t break the bank, look no further.

Our Disaster Recovery As a Service options come complete with full guidance from our team of experts to help you keep your business running even if the worst should happen. Data is fully protected even when disaster hits, meaning you’ll always be able to remain operational and minimize potential losses.

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Key Features

Our DRaaS with Cohesity solution really packs a punch where protection is concerned. It combines a suite of features designed to safeguard your data and keep downtime to a minimum, so your company’s reputation will never suffer, even in the event of a real disaster.

Cohesity-powered data replication and orchestration are fully covered, as are rapid recovery and failover capabilities. And that makes it possible for disaster-struck businesses to get back up and running in no time.

Our DRaaS solutions provide multi-cloud support. Fully flexible, a wide range of options gives you the freedom to choose the best package for your needs – and keep costs low.

Rest assured that secure data storage and encryption are always provided to keep sensitive information safe from potential threats.

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Benefits of Cohesity Integration

Integrating Cohesity with NETdepot’s DRaaS streamlines data management processes to provide our customers with fully scalable and 100% future-proof architecture.

The unrivaled integration gives our customers full visibility and control. Choose Cohesity integration, and you’ll be able to monitor data in real-time to make fully informed decisions as you plan disaster recovery strategies.

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Tailored To Your Needs

We understand that robust disaster recovery solutions look different for every company. And they should because the best disaster recovery solutions are created with specific business requirements in mind.

Our DRaaS plans are fully customizable, and our pricing options are flexible too. Choose the best solution for your needs and avoid paying for features you won’t use. Click the button below to find out more.

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