Our skilled team processes and manages your digital assets and resources.

We can cover everything from network security and cybersecurity to NOC/SOC monitoring, 24×7 IT Support, and more. Our team isn’t just there to fix something that broke; we want to form a partnership with your business, helping to prevent issues before they arise and ensure your network runs smoothly.

  • Time Savings

    Enable your in-house IT staff to focus on their tasks that are important to your business’ core interests.

  • Expertise

    With NETdepot, you get all the knowledge and expertise of our expert-driven team of technicians and specialists in the industry.

  • Reduce Risks

    Our support team monitors your network and operations around-the-clock, minimizing the risk of downtime or cyber attacks.

Managed Private Cloud:

  • Management of the virtualization stack including VMware ESXi, vSphere, vCloud Director, and Microsoft HyperV
  • Management of the full configuration of the hypervisor servers
  • Management of virtual servers and their associated configuration and data

Managed Infrastructure:

  • Management of Entire IT Fabric
  • Management of Business Software Applications
  • OS Deployment, Patching, Configuration, and Upgrade Lifecycle
  • Maintenance of Customer’s Active Directory

Managed Network Services:

  • Management of Entire Networking Infrastructure
  • Monitoring of Wireless Access Networks and Associated Mobility Controllers
  • Management of Firewall and VPN Infrastructure
  • Management of both Site-to-Site VPNs and End-User Remote SSLVPNs