Cloud Repatriation / Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Companies are finding that there are ways to optimize their cloud spend. AWS and Azure hosting have their benefits but also their limitations. We help you join many of our other customers that we have consulted with to manage their cloud presence cost effectively and choose which platforms are right for which workloads in the new multi cloud / hybrid environment. Our experts can optimize your workloads and cut your cloud costs while increasing the performance of your workloads in the complex cloud environment.

We offer a range of cloud consulting and management services, enabling customers to easily move workloads to the right environment whether it be virtual private data center, shared VMware cloud, AWS, Azure or bare metal platforms. This tends to result in a massive, and immediate, cost saving of between 25% to 33%. And the benefits of cloud optimization and repatriation don’t end there.

Cost savings

Move from public cloud providers to more cost-effective private or shared environments to benefit from lower operational expenses.

More control

Take control of your IT infrastructure and make use of new capabilities, allowing for smarter customization and security upgrades.


Upgrade performance by creating infrastructure that’s specially designed for your specific business requirements.

Managed IT Operations

Our team of in-house experts are here to help you manage your infrastructure. Make full use of their expertise and you’ll no longer need to budget for a full-time, in-house team – even as your company grows. Managed IT operations come with other key benefits such as:


A fully scalable pool of IT resources is at your disposal. You’ll always be able to accommodate the changing needs of your organization.


Benefit from the experience and skills of a team that has been successfully managing complex IT environments for 30 years.

Cost savings

Reduce bills and divert budgets to exciting new opportunities. Cut expenses related to salaries, recruitment and management of in-house IT teams.

Managed IT for Reducing Costs

We offer a wide range of cost-saving services. Take a look at some of our most popular managed IT services below.

Vendor Management

Simplify and streamline vendor management. Enjoy better pricing, improved efficiency and a real reduction in risks.

Infrastructure Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of your IT infrastructure by assessing and implementing improvements all the time. Cut costs and improve performance.


Automate routine tasks to free up time for your team. Eliminate the potential for errors in manual processes, and reduce operational costs as you do it.

Centralized Management

Implement centralized monitoring and management. Quickly identify and resolve issues as you reduce downtime and associated costs.

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