How Does Cybersecurity Monitoring Work?

Cybersecurity monitoring is real-time observation of potential threats. This service is designed to protect business networks and users from cyber threats. It’s a critical part of an extensive managed detection and response service.

Monitoring Features

Firewall protection

Firewall monitoring to confirm level of protection against all external and internal threats.

Cybersecurity monitoring

Continuous analysis of changes in security goal posts to ensure your network is up to date in real time all the time.

Security Assessments

Regular audits of cloud services highlights any areas to improve security for your organization. We utilize a range of tools to conduct security assessments which provide valuable insight for a more comprehensive service.

Managed Detection Response

A highly advanced security service that offers threat intelligence, identification, security monitoring, analysis and incident response.

Disaster Recovery

Backup and recover data on our secure cloud-based platform. In case of a disaster or system restore rest assured that our updated recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) will step in.

24/7 Support

Technical support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week inclusive of data center staffing around the clock and an advanced ticketing system.

Managing Cybersecurity

Companies across all industries face various levels of security threats from malware to vulnerable networks. Threats can’t be avoided and often crop up without warning which leaves the business vulnerable to breaches that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Managed cybersecurity means that your network is continuously monitored and all security risks taken care of by the experts. NETdepot is a leading provider of cybersecurity monitoring. We use a thorough five step management process including:

  • Threat analysis and assessment
  • Network level protection and physical security
  • Managed detection and 24*7 support
  • Real time response
  • Instant recovery

Cybersecurity Monitoring FAQ

What is cybersecurity monitoring?

Monitoring is an important part of cybersecurity management because it ensures organizations can have visibility to detect potential threats and respond before they cause any major breaches.

How can I measure my cyber resilience?

The most effective way to measure resilience is to do a full assessment to include a review of good practices for cyber defence and see how you measure up.

Is a Firewall enough to protect from a cyber attack?

Your data can still be breached internally or externally regardless of a firewall, we would always recommend more than one line of defence. It’s vital that you have an external company monitor and assess your firewall regularly to see if your network can be accessed.

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