What is Cloud Security as a Service (SECaaS)?

SECaaS is a cloud delivered model for outsourcing cybersecurity. These services have the capability to secure access to applications regardless of where users connect worldwide.

Similar to SaaS, SECaaS offers scalability, latest security updates and financial savings. SECaaS does this by being able to collect, analyze and correlate data for actionable security intelligence

SECaaS Features

Data Loss Prevention

Protect your data with state of the art software that guards your data according to agreed upon rules. The security of your data will be continuously monitored, verified and protected.


Encrypting all relevant information and communication means that your data can’t be compromised in any way. Cloud security ensures protection of your sensitive data.

Disaster Recovery

Backup and recover data on our secure cloud-based platform. In case of a disaster or system restore rest assured that our updated recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) will step in.

Network Security

Fast innovative network infrastructure that is securely accessible with direct connect options for public and private networks.

Intrusion Detection

Trusted technology that detects intrusion plus preventative steps. When activity outside the norm takes place the security as a service will flag it immediately and put additional security in place.

Security Assessments

Regular audits of cloud services highlights any areas to improve security for your organization. We utilize a range of tools to conduct security assessments which provide valuable insight for a more comprehensive service.

Cloud Security as a Service FAQs

What are the benefits of cloud based security services?

SECaaS protects the privacy of your business information, infrastructure and applications. It uses enhanced security against data loss, leakage and theft.

How do you protect the data?

We use Firewall, IPS,IDS, 2FA-Logln for network security. The physical protection we have in place includes; tier 4 datacenters, 24×7 manned facilities and air gapped backups.

What other security measures do you offer to protect data?

To ensure your data protection we use a fully encrypted infrastructure with immutable data protection. We have a private intra-data center connection with no single points of failure. We also use datacenter mirror options.

Can you customize a security option for my organization?

No two companies have identical security requirements. With our Security as a Service product we can customize a solution to fit your needs.

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