Private Cloud Hosting with NETdepot


Easily defined as computing services that are available to businesses on the web, or via a private network, private cloud hosting offers a range of benefits over traditional cloud-based hosting. Notably, secure private cloud hosting is only available to specific users, so it tends to deliver an enhanced experience to those who have been invited to use it. This type of cloud hosting also delivers in terms of availability and infrastructure, with architecture designed with resiliency in mind.

CPU Cores

vCPU Cores


GB Ram

SSD Storage




Private Cloud Hosting FEATURES


High performance pure SSD SAN Storage with 20 Gbit connectivity. This fully redundant architecture is easily scalable, so it’s ready to meet your business needs today, tomorrow and far into the future. Storage can be adjusted as and when required, providing you with the opportunity to make dynamic changes at a rapid pace.

Built - In DRaaS

Each cluster has spare hardware nodes to automatically failover in case of a hardware failure. This results in massive improvements in terms of reliability, allowing you to avoid troublesome downtime that could interrupt your business. Spare hardware nodes mean failure is no longer an option, and downtime is a thing of the past.


Our user-friendly, easily accessible control panel puts your team in charge of the whole system. So, whether you need to deploy a new server, reboot your server, reload your OS, or manage your upgrades, you’ll be able to do so with ease via a fully automated control panel.


Our solution is a fast, fully automated provision that allows your team to deploy your server in seconds. Depending on your OS selection, you’ll be able to complete tasks like these in the blink of an eye.


Rely on us for the ultimate in secure, reliable connectivity. All of our cloud servers come complete with a private 10.x.x.x network. This network includes complete access to all of your existing cloud servers at, making access a breeze.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We offer a full 99.9% Uptime guarantee to all of our customers. You’ll never be left struggling with unexpected downtime, because all risks are fully monitored and managed before they ever cause a problem for your business.



Fully Redundant Power Design 24/7 staffing Physical Force Protection


Public & Private Network Redundant Core & Fiber Uplinks Large Capacity Network

Private Cloud Servers

100% Pure SSD Drives Network Level Raid 24/7 Monitoring by our NOC

Seamless Migration from AWS orAzure

Custom Solutions for your Cloud

Our solution engineers at NETdepot can help you solve your RTO and RFC goals. Our disaster recovery experts are ready to help you solve your business challenges and protect your business from cyberattacks.

Hosting your content on a Private Cloud Server gives you the same fail-safe redundancy of Cloud Hosting with the power of Dedicated Hosting. Basically, you will have at least two servers mirroring your content. If for some reason one server goes down, the second server picks right up where the first left off.

Private Cloud Options

  • Direct Connections
    • Dark Fiber
    • MPLS
    • Point to Point Connections
  • Tape Archival and Retention
  • Tape Conversion
  • Air-Gapped Networks

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