Investigate, Identify & Implement with NDMonitor

Say goodbye to the days of monitoring screens. NDMonitor, NETdepot’s comprehensive monitoring instrumentation, serves to investigate any problem, find the solution, AND execute it.

Aggregate Metrics and Events Across the Full IT Stack

If you’re in the market for a monitoring tool, choose one that doesn’t waste your valuable time. NDMonitor can notify your team when any action is needed. No agents required, no installation required, just skilled experts providing their knowledge and know-how to assist your team.

How it Helps

  • Unified instrumentation panel that aggregates the most relevant metrics into one plane.
  • Assists support teams with triage and root cause analysis. Gives you vital statistics to identify where bottlenecking occurs.
  • Generate notifications to business communication applications when service impacting events occur, based on predetermined rules.
  • Integrates with all business communication applications.
  • Auto-Discovery Tool- Goes beyond a passive scan of the network, and directly interacts with hosts. Scans and finds any asset in the environment to understand what they are operating with.
  • Multi-Protocol Operator- Allows NDMonitor to speak to any host or service regardless of which protocol they use.

See Across All Systems, Apps, and Services With NDMonitor


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