Protecting a New Facet of National Security

The security of oil and gas pipelines is under heavy scrutiny from all angles, adding intense pressure on companies to enhance security.

NETdepot provides skilled IT administration, cloud services, and cybersecurity for the oil and gas industry, giving you precisely what you need, when you need it most.


Advanced cybersecurity measures to take your company to a proactive security approach.


Unparalleled Protection for America’s Pipelines

The oil and gas industry has become a target for foreign hackers and environmental activists alike. It’s time to ramp up your cybersecurity protection with a partner who knows your industry’s compliance and operational needs.

What’s Next in the Digital Revolution for Oil & Gas?

The business world is buzzing with data-driven analytics and machine-powered automation. And it seems the oil and gas industry is a little less eager to adapt. Is that exercised caution or a potential strategic misstep?

Truthfully, some level of digital enablement is unavoidable. As your competition slowly makes the switch, you’ll be edged out by faster, more economical options that are powered by technology.

It’s no longer a question of if but when your company will need to make a significant technology investment.

NETdepot Can Help You Prepare For The Future.

The dedicated team at NETdepot can help you wade through the waters, discovering new opportunities to maintain your competitive advantage in the market. And, by the same token, NETdepot can help you easily overcome the cybersecurity threats that are suddenly plaguing the industry.

NETdepot is your top choice for state-of-the-art technology support that provides the security you need without pushing hard sales tactics or unnecessary technology investments.


Get More Out of Your Technology


Secure your operations with state-art-of-the-art technology managed by a skilled provider with industry experience.


IT Operations Management

Stay on top of everything from day-to-day performance to uncovering the first signs of a malicious attack with the added protection of outsourced IT operations management.

IT Operations Management

Secure Data Protection

Protect what’s yours from competitors and threats with secure data protection services.


Cloud Services

Prepare for the next evolution in digital innovation with cloud-based infrastructure. We know it’s new and unfamiliar, but NETdepot has the expertise to help you make the transition.


Customized Managed Services

Ease your administrative burden with tailored services designed to fit your needs. NETdepot’s elite team of experts processes and manages all your digital assets and resources so your team has time to focus on business initiatives.


Storage as a Service

Free up the space you need to power your computing, data storage, and security needs with storage as a service provided by NETdepot.


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Gain a Competitive Advantage

As the saying goes, what isn’t broke doesn’t need fixing, but that is not the truth for technology. These changes can deliver better operational efficiency and enhanced security to keep you competitive in a changing market. Let NETdepot illuminate all the new ways that technology can help you manage, protect, and grow your business.

Trust a Partner with Industry-Specific Experience

NETdepot is a capable provider with industry experience in oil and gas. We have the cybersecurity experience to protect our nation’s assets-like pipelines. When you need an industry-compliant solution, we’ve got your back.

Advanced Tech Support from our Experts

Get the tools and administrative support you need to run your business without the pressure to spend on unnecessary technologies.

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