Secure Tech-Enablement Designed to Meet the Evolving Needs of Digitally-Driven Healthcare

Healthcare Tech-Enablement is Easier Than You Think

Finding the right partner to add specialized healthcare industry experience to your digital transformation is possible.

Partner with NETdepot, a HIPAA-compliant, full-service healthcare IT provider, with options ranging from cybersecurity to managed services.


Leading the Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Better Patient Care with Less Risk

NETdepot’s team has the expert knowledge of specific industry needs and requirements to keep your facility running smoothly without compromising on compliance.

Take advantage of digital care technologies that simplify diagnostics, treatments, patient communication, and more.

Breathe Easy with NETdepot’s Expert Tools

The healthcare industry has become a significant target for hackers looking to exploit valuable patient healthcare information (PHI). Avoiding technology isn’t the answer, beating the hackers at their own game with proactive cybersecurity measures is.

Our team of experts can handle all your cybersecurity, data protection, and storage needs.

Streamline Tech-Enablement & Administration

The administrative burden of maintaining systems is exhaustive in healthcare facilities. And, let’s face it, technology enablement only adds more administrative burden.

Leverage the efficiency of automation without drowning in the administrative load with NETdepot’s automated tools.

Technology is Driving Competition in Healthcare

Digital innovation in healthcare is changing the game, transforming facilities and spurring healthy competition. Stay on top of the industry by partnering with an IT service provider that can deliver HIPAA-compliant, digitally-secure support for your patient care needs.


Secure IT Administration and Managed Services

The opportunities to utilize technology for diagnostics like MRI machines and heart rate monitors are just scratching the surface.

Providers are moving towards more digital channels to facilitate patient records and progress updates, while facilities are increasingly taking advantage of technology to monitor patients and deliver treatments.

Digital Innovation is Changing Healthcare

All connected devices present new avenues for operational technology issues ranging from network administration challenges to cybersecurity breaches.

While the hassle of keeping everything functional and secure might steer some healthcare providers away from digital progress, embracing cutting-edge technology, with the full support of next-gen infrastructure and security from NETdepot, gives you a competitive advantage.

IT Expertise Tailored to the Healthcare Industry

HIPAA-Compliant Cybersecurity

Put the security of patient data first with cybersecurity services designed to meet the compliance needs of the healthcare industry.


IT Operations Management

Make the most of technology with reliable infrastructure that delivers an always up and available system, giving your team access to patient data around the clock.


Secure, PHI-Sensitive Data Management

Manage your data storage needs without compromising on security measures.


Managed IT Services

Outsourcing and maintaining HIPAA compliance can be a delicate balance. You deserve a partner that can keep your sensitive data secure while helping ease the administrative burden on your facility.

NETdepot is your go-to for managed IT services designed to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.


Leading-Edge Cloud Solutions

Cloud storage is still new and a little scary for sensitive healthcare data. Lean on the pros at NETdepot for a cutting-edge technology experience.

Together, we can plan for a digital-first future that utilizes cloud storage without compromising the security needs of vulnerable patient data.


Secure Data Storage as a Service

Free up valuable data storage space on-site with a cost-effective S3 archival storage system outfitted with cybersecurity protocols designed to protect your data.



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