NETdepot delivers seamless, high-tech solutions that help banks and financial institutions stay on top of compliance and security needs with ease.


Compliance Made Simple

NETdepot offers a suite of IT Ops and security options that align with industry standards, offering the highest level of protection available. With NETdepot services, you won’t have to worry about compliance with FFEIC, FTC Safeguards, PCI, BSA, GLBA, FINRA, and more.

Effortless & Effective Cybersecurity

Confidently handle cybersecurity threats using NDSecure, our cybersecurity solution designed with Financial Institutions in mind. Our dedicated NOC/SOC powers your core systems software with unparalleled protection against the threat of cybersecurity breaches.

Benefit from Unrivaled Support

Fully managed and co-managed IT support solutions alleviate the stress of finding IT staff. Get support for core systems infrastructure such as VMware and more.

Cybersecurity Concerns Holding You Back?

Don’t be afraid to take the next step in digital transformation with NETdepot by your side.


Is Your IT Solution Keeping You Safe?

The digital world is evolving, and the threat of ransomware and phishing attacks grows daily. The finance and banking industries will always be a target – exploiting companies for money is what these hackers do, and Financial Institutions have access to a lot of money.


What's Next in the Digital Revolution for Finance & Banking?

The business world is buzzing with data-driven analytics and machine-powered automation. And it seems the finance industry is a little less eager to adapt. Is that exercised caution or a potential strategic misstep?

Truthfully, some level of digital enablement is unavoidable. As your competition starts making the switch, you’ll be edged out by safer options focused on cybersecurity that are powered by the latest technology.

It’s no longer a question of if but when your company will need to make a significant technology investment. Let NETdepot illuminate all the new ways that technology can help you manage, protect, and grow your business.

Embrace a Partnership that Provides Safe, Secure Digital Support.


Scalable IT Solutions That Fit Your NeedsVarious technology solutions from a company that knows security and data storage inside and out.


Providing a Safe Environment to Conduct Your Business
Choose between a fully managed or co-managed secure environment that meets the needs of modern financial information systems while providing the flexibility to accommodate remote work on any scale.


IT Ops Management

Security-Focused Support
Support productivity and operational efficiency with a security-focused IT partner that eases the day-to-day stress from your employees, allowing them to focus on serving your customers. We’ll handle as much or as little as you need us to. Imagine the possibilities with custom business process automation, accessible in a singular, integrated platform.

IT Ops Management

Data Protection

Multi-Factor Authentication, Every Time
NDProtect puts you in control of your data, offering enhanced protection that’s built for a digital-first environment. Enjoy digital enablement with peace of mind that your data assets are well-protecte

Data Protection

Cloud Services

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere
Move beyond the limitations of in-house, on-site data storage and enable your team and customers to connect easily. Build a better digital future with secure cloud enablement that adds scalability to your IT infrastructure. Choose from flexible options ranging from dedicated cloud services to pay-as-you-go storage and compute options for different needs and compliance requirements.


Managed Services

Fill in the Gaps with Experienced IT Talent
Now is not the time to compromise on your staffing needs. NETdepot’s managed services are the perfect solution for a little or a lot of help from our qualified team of IT talent with experience in finance and banking technologies.


Storage as a Service

API-Driven Storage Solutions
Secure data storage is what we do best. Embrace the flexibility and security of elastic cloud storage solutions suitable for Financial Institutions of every size. NETdepot is an industry leader in cybersecurity and data storage. NDStor brings the two together, providing you API-driven storage solutions with the flexibility you want and the security you need. It’s fast. It’s Cloud-based. And it’s perfect for Financial Institutions big and small.


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