Edge Cloud with NETdepot

NETdepot is a growing collection of fully-managed, enterprise-grade services – computing, networking, storage and more. It allows you to unburden yourself from managing your infrastructure. It offers a pay-as-you-go, consumption-based (100% OpEx) pricing model to help you optimize your spending.

Fully Managed Cloud Services

Designed for the Modern Enterprise

NETdepot offers a powerful compute, networking and storage platform to meet your cloud objectives. NETdepot Edge Cloud delivers the ideal business solutions for the best price-performance investment. Organizations who integrate NETdepot Edge Cloud benefit from the flexibility, reliability and scalability of an enterprise-ready cloud.

Backed by a growing partner network of 300+ cloud locations, NETdepot’s experts provide 100% SLA guarantees and 24/7/365 support. Ourbattle-tested, fully-managed cloud solutions can help bring value to your team.

NETdepot also supports organizations needing hybrid and multi-cloud deployment requirements, enabling them to move workloads betweentheir own data centers, partner data centers and private collocations. With NETdepot, your company does not have to risk single vendor lock-inor long-term commitments.

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  • Pay-as-you-go, consumption-based pricing options
  • Hybrid and multi-cloud options to leverage existing environments
  • Auto-scaling to adjust resources to meet evolving requirements
  • Commitment to match or beat other public cloud pricing &quality


  • Unified storage system (file,block, object) – versatility to run any workload
  • Block Volumes designed toreduce latency and increase throughput
  • File Share (NAS) to provide scalable file shares via NFS or SMB protocols
  • NETdepot Object Storage (NOS)delivers infinitely scalable, private or public instances via AWS S3 or Swift APIs


  • Zero hidden transport fees; freeingress and egress
  • Enterprise load balancing & traffic management for network efficiency
  • High throughput, low latency, resilient
  • Elastic IP (EIP) to expose instances outside of compute environments
  • Security groups feature to provide ultimate control over inbound/outbound traffic

Elastic Consumption-Based Usage Compute Services EC2 Compatible APIs

Elastic Compute / VMs

Elastic Block Storage


Load Balancer

Storage Services include Block, File and Object



Our SLA commits to 99.999% of availability, for more than most cloud service providers.

99.9995% THE REALITY

Our track record over multiple years exceeds not only our contractual commitment but also the availability of top storage brands.


Because we are committed to your success, we find all downtime unacceptable.We therefore credit you for all storage outages.

Global Reach

NETdepot Cloud Services can be deployed both in core data centers and geographically distributed edge locations. This enables you to have cloud capabilities across all existing locations, removing the dependence on public cloud availability zones.


NETdepot Storage is a unified storage system that offers file, block and object storage with the versatility to run any workload. Enterprise storage features include provisioning, snapshots, mirrors, deduplication and compression, online volume migration and object storage with object-lock immutability. NETdepot storage systems can be installed on-premises or at edge locations. Either solution can be managed centrally,to create a unified, 100% OpEx solution for any primary or secondary storage environment.

NETdepot is enterprise storage made easy.

  • Any data type or protocol – Block (iSCSI), File (NFS and SMB) or Object(s3 and Swift)
  • Available anywhere – On-premises, in private colocations or at edge locations
  • Multi-tenant efficiency, with total resource isolation per tenant

Fully-managed 24/7/365 services with 99.999% SLA guarantee

The NETdepot Advantage


NETdepot’s pay-as-you-go, consumption-based model keeps it simple.


Stop paying exorbitant ingress and egress fees. Bigcloud providers levy extra charges for data transit between elements of storage and compute, utilization of load balancers, and DNS. NETdepot Edge Cloud makes pricing and budgeting effortless.

100% OPEX

With no CapEx investment and no long-term contracts required, you can now enjoy high-performance elastic cloud services. Scale up, down or turn NETdepot services off at any time and only pay for what you use.


NETdepot Edge Cloud can help you to extend any infrastructure including on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With NETdepot, you can bring legacy hardware to your on-premises data center or colocation to build and deploy consistent hybrid applications. Use NETdepot to consolidate your on-premises applications and cloud-connected infrastructure.



Dedicated vCPU, Memory and Storage (NVMe, File and Archive) SAS in-flight and at-rest encryption, snapshots, mirroring, replication and HA


On premises, colocation and in-cloud, scale up or down, pay as you go, hardware upgrades included


24/7/365 proactive support, seamless migrations and upgrades from senior technical resources

With NETdepot Edge Cloud You Get

Optimal Balance for Price-Performance Ratio

With NETdepot you can ensure that workloads requiring low latency are placed in close proximity; while distributed, scale-out workloads are placed on different, related resources. NETdepot’s native active resource rebalancing allows the cluster to redistribute load across nodes to ensure optimal performance across VMs.

Multi-Cloud Compatibility

NETdepot enables multi-cloud capabilities with easy testing and migration options. Migration is easy with Compute’s batch-oriented tools for migrating deployments from major platforms like AWS, VMware, and Microsoft Hyper-V/Azure. NETdepot also provides a comprehensive library of APIs for provisioning and managing resources with compatible syntax and features as well as code libraries, such as Terraform.

Enhanced Data Security

NETdepot provides a fully multi-tenant platform that allows for comprehensive user-defined permission sets and security policies. NETdepot integrates seamlessly with multi-tenant authorization controls (LDAP, Active Directory) and integrates a DNS service for private networks. Define private zones, which can only be resolved within associated Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), to meet application security or compliance requirements.

Deliver Maximum Flexibility

NETdepot automatically scales compute resources to ensure high availability, performance and efficient resource utilization for your applications. With the native monitoring service, auto-scaling allocates resources based upon measured utilization of CPU, memory and networking resources. NETdepot’s scale-out architecture for cloud-native applications is equipped with load balancer services and enables you to provision managed load balancers for fault tolerance and application scalability on-demand.

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