Watch NETdepot’s Cybersecurity Webinar

Cybersecurity attacks across all sectors have increased 148% since the pandemic.

We are here to prepare you for any potential cybersecurity threats. In this webinar, our Director of Solutions Architecture, Rodney Turner will discuss the current state and future expectations of cybersecurity and how you can protect your business.

NETdepot is a customer-focused cloud solutions provider that aims to create a streamlined customer experience. NETdepot provides managed infrastructure and cloud services to amplify the value of your staff. Our goal is to simplify your workload and enable your IT team to concentrate their efforts on business objectives, allowing you to focus on the critical tasks and we’ll handle everything else. We offer compute, data protection, cybersecurity, and managed services. NETdepot has data center locations in Atlanta, Houston, NYC, and San Francisco.

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