Your Guide to the Latest Cybersecurity Trends to Watch

Posted on October 12, 2022 Blog Press Release
The threat of a cyber attack against your company is steadily increasing. If you don’t take cybersecurity seriously, it’s only a matter of time before cybercriminals target your organization. The technology that makes our lives easier also increases the number of security vulnerabilities your institution faces.

In the years to come, we’ll probably see a lot of high-profile cyber attacks. In many cases, cybersecurity breaches are so serious that they can cause a company to go out of business. If you want to avoid this fate for your company, you’ll need to take precautions against the latest threats.

So what are some of the biggest cybersecurity trends that you need to be aware of? This article lists some of the most significant developments that you should be aware of.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI is when a company uses virtual machines to provide a virtual desktop environment. This means that your desktop is hosted on a remote server rather than on your own computer.

You can access this desktop remotely as long as you have access to the internet. All of the computer processing is done on the remote server. This setup is advantageous for companies as it allows employees to work remotely easily. Another advantage is that it can lower the cost of computer hardware since a remote server handles the processing.

VDI is also significant from a cyber security standpoint. In a VDI environment, all the information is stored on the remote server rather than on the local device. This means that if an employee loses their work laptop, you don’t need to worry about your company data being compromised.

VDI also allows¬†employees to use their own devices without compromising on security. Since the desktop runs on a remote server, the device you use to connect doesn’t really matter. A VDI solution will allow you to keep your company network secure if you’re a company with many employees working from home.

To keep your company safe, you must ensure you only use software with the latest security patches. VDI allows you to push these updates at once without needing access to people’s devices. You can do this as VDI also facilitates centralized management of software.

Ransomware Threats

Ransomware is, without a doubt, one of the most dangerous forms of malware at the moment. When a system gets infected with ransomware, the data is encrypted using an unbreakable encryption algorithm. The only way to decrypt the data is to get the decryption key.

The cybercriminals who initiated the attack claim to have the key and that they will give it to you. The only trouble is you’ll need to pay a significant ransom first. These criminals understand that most companies simply can’t operate without access to their data. This allows them to set an extremely high ransom. Often ransomware victims feel like they have no choice but to pay.

Even if you pay the ransom, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get your data back. The attackers may simply ask for even more money, or they might not even have access to the decryption key.

A robust data backup system is the only way to protect your company against ransomware. While antivirus software will protect you to an extent, there’s always a risk that a novel form of ransomware will get through.

You need an extensive backup system that you can roll back to if you’re hit with a ransomware attack. A backup system renders the ransomware useless since you just restore your system to a time before the ransomware was executed. Of course, you’ll need to ensure your backup system makes regular backups – ideally every 24 hours.

Security as a Service

Security as a service is when you outsource your cybersecurity procedures to another company. This makes a lot of sense for companies that are not very technical. Cyber security has become increasingly complex, and it is now very difficult to keep your company safe without expert knowledge.

Security as a service involves things like outsourced data loss solutions, antivirus management, and intrusion detection. If you’re serious about keeping your company secure, you should consider investing in security as a service package.

One of the biggest advantages of this kind of security system is that the service provider is responsible for all of the security technology. Access to the latest tech is vital because cybersecurity requirements constantly evolve. If you try to do things in-house, you’ll find your security methods quickly become obsolete.

Security as a service lets you not worry about cybersecurity and focus on what really matters – the day-to-day running of your business.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Another key piece of security technology is multi-factor authentication. The premise behind this is simple. When someone logs in to your company network, they must verify their login using a second device. A typical setup is having a confirmation code sent to a phone number. You input your password followed by the confirmation code, and then you’re in.

This kind of security setup is becoming more crucial as it can protect you from various cyberattacks. For example, let’s say cybercriminals target your organization with a phishing attack. This might involve tricking your employees into visiting a fake company login portal. The password is sent straight to the criminal if someone tries to log in.

If you didn’t have multi-factor protection, the criminal could simply use those credentials to log in. With multi-factor security, they’d also need access to the victim’s cell phone. This makes it significantly less likely that the phishing attack will be successful.

Expect to see this kind of authentication becoming ubiquitous in business security. It offers a huge amount of protection for a relatively small inconvenience.

Cloud Security

Cloud storage has been a revelation for many companies. It means employees can access company files from anywhere in the world using any device. It also protects your organization from ransomware attacks. Despite the clear advantages of cloud storage, it does, unfortunately, introduce some security risks as well.

In the past, criminals might need to physically break into your offices to steal company secrets. Hackers could steal your information from the other side of the planet when all your files are on the cloud.

This means that you’ll need to take care when selecting a cloud storage provider. You should only work with a company that takes cloud security seriously. You’ll also need to take measures within your organization to ensure people use cloud storage responsibly.

You might consider implementing a zero-trust system at your company. This is when you only grant people access to the information they need to do their job. You absolutely shouldn’t have the entirety of your company data available in one cloud location. A good cloud storage company can help you safely store your data.

Social Engineering

Finally, hackers are increasingly relying on social engineering techniques. This is when hackers use psychological tricks rather than hacking to break into systems. For example, they might call up an employee pretending to be the CEO of your company. If the ruse works, they could trick that worker into giving up their password or company secrets.

Since companies are starting to take cybersecurity more seriously, hackers are now faced with strong firewalls and antivirus systems. Rather than spending a lot of time and energy trying to hack into these systems, many hackers are taking the easy route via social engineering.

Most people don’t think they’d fall for a social engineering scam, but the reality is that almost anyone could be a victim. The only way to protect your company from social engineering scams is to have a strong security culture and extensive security training.

It simply isn’t enough anymore to have a single cybersecurity seminar. Creating a security culture is a constant process. The only way to protect your company against hackers using social engineering is to have security-conscious employees who know how to recognize the warning signs of this kind of attack.

Practicing Good Cybersecurity is Crucial

A cyber attack on your company could have a devastating impact. Ransomware could lock down your company and leave you unable to work. Hackers could break into your cloud storage to steal company secrets, or hackers could use sophisticated social engineering techniques to bypass your defenses.

If you want to keep your company safe and focus on your work, it makes a lot of sense to work with an external cybersecurity company. When you know your computer systems are protected by experts, you can stop worrying about cyber criminals and focus on what matters.

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