Your Essential Guide to the Virtual CES 2021 Conference

Posted on January 28, 2021 How-To Guides

CES 2021 is going to be happening fully online this year. With no limitations on space and possible customer interaction, these tech companies have gone all out. Between spectacular presentations and hands-on reviews, you can expect great things from this year’s CES.

Here are all the tech trends to look out for in the coming years that happened at CES 2021.

What Is CES 2021?

CES is a Las Vegas conference that happens once a year, typically at the beginning of the year, to tackle the newest and most innovative experiences for the coming years.

These businesses come from all over the globe to showcase and pitch their products. It is a showcase, as well as a networking event. Partners and higher-ups from these companies usually attend to help pitch products more effectively to both companies and consumers.

The show is run by the Consumer Technology Association and dives into each sector of technology. This can range from software to gadgets, to vehicles, and even gaming.

CES is the first place you’ll see the newest tech trends emerge. The media sector gets the biggest in-depth analysis, as this is the birthplace of everything from the Xbox to the DVD player. In more recent years, we have even seen the emergence of virtual reality become more prominent.

In the past, this was an in-person event that was mostly attended by businesses and the media. This is because businesses are often pitching to each other and then letting the showcases be the pitch to consumers. So while there was no in-person attendance for 2021, there was just as much coverage through virtual presentations, if not more.

What Gadgets Stood Out?

Gadgets and hardware are similar in nature, as they are both physical pieces of technology. Gadgets typically refer to a complex device that is put together with both hardware and software. Hardware is just a component that is put into a product.

Gadgets can be anything from a smartphone to a vacuum. There is no clear definition of what a gadget entails, and CES 2021 made sure that was known.

JetBot 90 AI

The first major gadget was the Samsung JetBot 90 AI. This is a robot vacuum cleaner that utilizes AI technology to learn the layout of the house. While this technology has been present for some time, Samsung has taken it a step further.

The JetBot 90 AI is able to identify cables and small objects like pet toys, meaning that you’re not constantly getting up to untangle the robot, unlike other options out there. Not only that but instead of just you having to empty the cleaner afterward, this automatic cleaner also dumps the dirt into its own trash container.

Nobi Fall-Sensing Lamp

Another big hit was the Nobi fall-sensing lamp. If you remember the commercials about an older adult falling down and needing help, this is a lot like that, but more complex. This isn’t wearable, but rather a lamp that is installed into the ceiling and detects when a person falls.

This is perfect for those that are out on their own that don’t have family living with them or nearby. Not only does alert of falls, but can also send out reminders to be sure that older adults are monitoring their activity and not increasing their risk of a fall.

Nobi will be available first to those that are in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, then will move into the public sector for personal usage.

Razer Project Hazel N95 Mask

While the other two gadgets listed were in development and will soon be able to purchase, the Razer Project Hazel N95 Mask is still a concept. It truly looks like a piece straight out of the future.

The concept is to have an active ventilation system, rather than relying on our own personal ventilation system. The mask also features a UV sterilizer, to tackle any types of germs or viruses that enter.

In typical Razer fashion, they made sure to make it as RGB as possible. The ventilator areas are able to change color as needed. It also features wireless charging with indicators to let you know when it is ready to be worn again.

Beyond safety, the Razer mask is see-through. This means that those that are deaf and need to read lips, will still be able to without the risk of exposure.

What Hardware Stood Out?

Hardware is the components of a computer or gadget that help that puppy run. This can range anywhere from the CPU that a computer or phone is utilizing, to a case that holds all the other hardware together.

AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile Series

AMD has taken the computing world by storm in the last 3 years. Their Zen 2 and Zen 3 architecture have dominated the CPU market, being able to handle multi-load processes better than their competitors. This has stayed true in the desktop area for some time, but the mobile/laptop area has been a slower speed to catch up.

With the launch of the Ryzen 5000 series towards the last quarter of 2020, they are now taking that technology and implementing it into the mobile sector. This brings larger core options to the laptop market, allowing for four-, six-, and eight-core options available, compared to the typical four-core options that Intel provides.

Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB

Nvidia ended 2020 with a rocky launch of their new 3000 series of graphics cards. It looks like they’re kicking off 2021 with a great product though. The RTX 3060 12GB is going to dominate the entry-level ray-tracing market, along with having enough VRAM to tackle big workloads.

If you’re an enthusiast that enjoys both playing games and designing them, pairing the RTX 3060 with a decent CPU can lead to an experience that you might have never thought possible. Let’s just hope that we can see more than just a few hundred being delivered in the first month. It would also help if scalpers were deterred from purchasing everything that they can find.

iBuyPower Revolt 3 MK3 PC Case

Small cases are in and big bulky large cases are out. The world of working at home is all about maximizing the space you have and having a large unmoveable PC case can make that space seem all that much smaller.

iBuyPower decided to release the Revolt 3 with this in mind. If you ever wanted the mobility of a laptop without the low performance, then this case is for you.

The Revolt 3 offers a portable, verticle design that comes with a carrying handle. This means that as long as you have a monitor at home and at the office, you can fully eliminate your need for a work laptop.

What Software Stood Out?

Software is the tech that goes into making the gadgets and hardware perform how they are supposed to. Rather than being a tangible product, this software and apps are to be downloaded and installed onto the gadgets themselves.


Nuralogix came into the smartphone app side with a focus on health. In particular, your blood pressure. Instead of needing to go to your doctor or local pharmacy to determine blood pressure in that minute, the app works to do that for you.

They do this by shining a light that penetrates past the skin. The light is to measure how translucent your skin is, which helps the app determine your blood flow. This is all done without physical contact with the skin as well.

Nuralogix is also dropping an app, called Anura, for free for individual usage. Even if you feel at the peak of your fitness levels, it is still smart to keep your blood pressure numbers in check. The company is also offering enterprise options as well.

Microsoft DirectX XII Ultimate

On the gaming side of the software industry, Microsoft looks to implement driver changes to its DirectX line. As the development in the graphics card section has rapidly progressed, so too must the hardware that supports them.

DirectX 12 Ultimate is the solution to allowing PC games to work smoothly on a Windows system. It works by allowing the computer to utilize cores from both the central processing unit, as well as the graphics processing unit, to maximize your gaming potential.

Beyond cores, it also helps take advantage of the newest technology in ray tracing and variable rate shading. Currently, most games are not fully optimized for high graphics or ray tracing. But with DirectX 12 Ultimate, you can look to see games running smoothly at 4k and high frame rates, fully immersing you into the gaming experience.

CES 2021: Recap and Key Takeaways

While CES 2021 may not have been in person this year, there was plenty of innovation for the world to see from the comfort of their home. Between fancy vacuums and health apps to measure blood pressure, the world saw what 2021 has in store.

One aspect of tech that continues to grow is the use of cloud services. If you are in need of a company to help manage your cloud experience, be sure to get in contact with us.

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