What is the VMware Cloud Service Provider Program?

Posted on December 22, 2021 Cloud

Moving some or all your computing needs (storage, infrastructure, security/backups, etc.) to the cloud is becoming a well-established part of business IT. Leaders recognize that using cloud-based services is often more efficient and affordable than the traditional in-house alternative. But this is all predicated on finding the right technology partner; an incorrect choice can create more problems than it solves. 

Thus, VMWare created the Cloud Service Provider Program. It enables companies to prove their competency in providing various services (e.g. infrastructure, hybrid cloud, managed services, etc). And this allows businesses to choose a cloud partner with more confidence.

Let’s look at the VMware Cloud Provider Program is and what it means to be a verified VMware Service Provider. Then we’ll talk about why this matters to you, the customer.

What Does it Mean to be a Verified VMware Service Provider?

When companies become third-party VMware Cloud Providers, they have the expertise to integrate the various VM cloud technologies and provide more efficient, cost-effective service to their own clients.

Becoming Cloud Verified isn’t as simple as signing up for a spot on a long list of companies who use a specific vendor’s product. When you see a VMware Cloud Verified logo, you’ll know that this company has the technical chops and deep VMware experience to deliver a full portfolio of cloud and managed services. Such services may include:

– Support for hybrid, custom, public, private, and multi-cloud computing.

– Helping customers optimize their IT infrastructure while providing fast, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

-Creating environments that support distance computing, remote collaboration, and telework.

-Delivering managed Cloud, managed IT, and disaster recovery services.

There are three levels of VMware Cloud Partner verification:

-The Professional level verifies that the company has invested in training their employees in VMware products. Companies must demonstrate that they regularly use VMware and have an active rental agreement.

-The Enterprise level is for companies that provide hybrid cloud services using VMware solutions. There must be at least one VMware-certified professional on staff, and the company should complete Cloud Provider Competency training.

-The Premier level is for businesses that strategically align with VMware. They must have at least four VMware Certified Professionals on staff, complete the Cloud Provider Competency training, and meet higher usage qualifications than the Enterprise level. 

NETdepot achieved its VM Cloud Partner verification in 2021. President and Chief Cloud Officer William Souder noted, “Not only do we believe in the continual development of the vCloud platform, but VMware believes in our ability to operate the platform with excellence and enable our customers’ success on the platform as well.” 

The Benefits of the VMware Service Provider Program

Earlier in this post, we referred to the general benefits of cloud computing, storage, backups, infrastructure, etc. What are the particular benefits of choosing the VMware cloud service ecosystem?

-Responsiveness and Efficiency. Working with an industry leader like VMware doesn’t just entail top-notch service and reliability, it also guarantees a more efficient and scalable infrastructure that can adjust to your needs. And because you only pay for what you use – and your Cloud Service Provider only pays for what they use – you don’t waste money on unnecessary fees and overheads.

-Cohesion and Integration. With a full range of VMware services from migration to sovereign (secure local) clouds, you don’t have to worry about piecing together the right tools and service levels; you can choose whichever solutions you need and know that they’ll work together smoothly. This not only simplifies management, it can also save you from the expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating troubleshooting sessions that come from trying to get multiple vendors to play well together.

-Customization and Hybridity. Because VMware supports such a wide variety of options, your Cloud Service Provider can also support a wide range of options, giving you the flexibility and control you need.

-Sustainability. Certain VMware Cloud Service Providers are Zero Carbon Committed, meaning they’ll help you reach your IT goals with an eye to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

VMware Cloud Services

In conclusion, cloud computing is only as secure, reliable, and efficient as the platform and products powering it. VMware has a long history of providing industry-leading services and solutions within the cloud computing realm; partnering with them signifies the same commitment to excellence. 

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