What is Bulk Migration with VMware HCX?

Posted on October 22, 2020 Cloud

Running multiple virtual machines and want to move them to the cloud? VMware HCX might be the bulk migration solution you need.

As your boss leaves the room, you slump your shoulders and rest your head against your desk. You’ve just received the motherload of all requests. Management has asked you to move all of your company’s operating systems to a new cloud platform. 

Your mind runs through the logistics. You have to move a huge amount of data in a short amount of time. Employees still need to be able to access this data during the process. And there’s the issue of keeping the data secure. 

Feeling dizzy yet? VMware HCX can help with that. Moving many operating systems at the same time sounds like a daunting task. But this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

This HCX product can take a lot of the stress out of data migration. No more long wait times. No more panic attacks over security breaches. No more anguishing over lost data. VMware takes care of the heavy-duty worry work for you.  

If you’re ready to move and secure your data, don’t leave anything to chances and guesswork. Read on to learn how VMware HCX can make your transition as smooth and safe as possible. 

What Is VMware? 

Based in Palo, Alto, VMware is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that has worked to improve the virtualization process since 1998.

VMware uses a hypervisor to manage many operating systems. Therefore, many operating systems can co-exist on one physical host server. It’s no surprise then that this provider has tackled the issue of moving multiple OSes at the same time.

Corralling many OSes and transporting them is a mighty task to undertake. But VMware has risen to the occasion, providing services that can get you a faster and stronger connection to the cloud. 

What Is VMware HCX? 

So what is VMware HCX exactly? Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) allows you to move all of your operating systems in a single wave. What’s special about this service is its flexibility and reliability.

VMware HCX can transfer data across public and private platforms, and it can preserve data from older platforms. There’s no extra steps or upgrading involved in these transfers, saving you a ton of energy. 

So if you’re looking to run many operating systems via Amazon Web Services (AWS), consider using the HCX VMware cloud on AWS. It will increase and strengthen your connections, creating a silky-smooth cloud that maximizes efficiency. 

Nothing is lost during data migrations either. Sometimes moving one application can create an unintended ripple effect. But this HCX service preserves all your data, making life much easier for your IT department. 

All in all, VMware HCX is a great service to have in your arsenal. It especially helps with bulk migration, adding a degree of comfort to a very uncertain process.   

Moving Big Data

Like any big move, bulk data migration carries a lot of risks that you need to watch out for. Keeping track of many operating systems is a tough ask. Data can get lost in the migration process, and you may not know it until it’s too late. 

To make life easier, you can whittle down your data. Get rid of data your company no longer needs. Be sure to take extra steps to prepare for migrating your data and operating systems.

But this may not be enough. Thankfully, the VMware HCX bulk migration process has proven to be a smooth and safe action.   


Time and money is everything for your business, and VMware HCX is designed to save you both. So if you’re still hesitant, consider these upsides of trusting VMware with your data. 


VMware HCX takes a lot of guesswork and burdensome software out of the equation. As mentioned, you save a lot of time by being able to move multiple operating systems all at once. And you don’t need heavy-duty equipment to get this done. 

No physical servers or backup software are required to move more OSes. You can rely on VMware to complete the migration in a few strokes. It’s that easy. 

Because HCX is great for cross-platform movement, you don’t have to make upgrades to transfer your data. VMware moves your data across platforms, even if they’re not identical ones. This provides a lot more breathing room for you to work with. 

In other words, you don’t have to fidget with your data in order to get it from one place to another. VMware HCX reduces the number of steps and speeds up the process. Moving a large amount of data doesn’t get any easier than this. 


Normally, moving your data would force you to lower your defenses in order to increase mobility. And if things can move out, things can also come in. 

You’d also have to divide your energy among a variety of tasks. In addition to moving data, you’re trying to move operating systems while keeping them all running for your company. This distracts from data protection and puts your data at more risk.

A slow migration time adds further stress to the process. The longer your data is out there before getting settled, the greater the chances that a mistake can occur.

VMware HCX solves all these issues by creating a fast and smooth migration. You don’t need to let down your defenses or spread your attention far and wide. VMware takes care of the nitty-gritty details, so you can sit back and relax.

To be safe, choose a provider who uses the most advanced technology and offers the widest security coverage. You can never be too careful with your data.     

Disaster Recovery

Hope can be a dangerous thing. You might hope that nothing happens to your data. But if you think this is enough to protect your data, you’re lying to yourself.

The most secure businesses know that you can’t hope nothing happens to your data. You have to assume that something’s going to happen to your data and take appropriate action.  

Migration only adds to the degree of danger. If you’re moving operating systems, the process can experience a hiccup. And if you didn’t back up your data, you may have lost some original copies. 

Even if your data is sitting idle, something can still happen. A natural disaster can ruin your storage centers. Your systems may inexplicably crash. You need to have a disaster recovery plan in place for such instances. 

No cloud platform is completely full-proof, not even AWS. Turn to a service provider who can give you the protection you need to operate on any platform. 

This may sound extreme, but you want to expect the worst in case the worst happens. It’s better to have extra security blankets instead of regrets. 

Before Getting Started 

You’ve weighed the pros and cons, and now you’re convinced that you need this service. But consider a few factors before following through with the VMware HCX migration process. 


You’ll need to make sure everything is in order before you can execute an effortless data migration. VMware HCX is the best in the business, but it can’t compensate for lack of preparation. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are your servers running smoothly without glitches or issues? 
  • Do you have the resources necessary to transfer large workloads?
  • Do you have the proper hardware and tools to carry out a VMware operation?

Staying true to VMware HCX requirements will keep your data migration simple and stress-free. So don’t rush the process. Make sure your systems can handle the task, and you’ll be good to go.


Although VMware HCX stands out for its adaptability, it can’t solve every problem with data migration. You might want to ponder these thoughts before committing to data migration: 

  • Do you have operating systems that contain mounted ISO images? 
  • Do your operating systems still have a DirectPath device? 
  • Were you hoping to transfer NSX Security tags and configurations? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may not want to move forward with the data migration process. While VMware HCX limitations do exist, they shouldn’t scare you away from using VMware to move your data. 

You’ll want to review the full list of requirements needed for VMware to effectively transfer your systems. Create the right conditions, and you’ll have your data transferred and secured in no time. 

Remember, this isn’t an error-proof process. Mistakes can happen if you’re not careful. Before jumping on the VMware bandwagon, you need to ensure your systems are fully equipped to handle this migration process.  

Play It Safe

Your data means everything to your business. Losing valuable information due to preventable mistakes is simply not an option. VMware HCX can help you secure your data while saving you time and costs. 

So don’t leave anything to chance. Choose the best service provider that can offer your business maximum efficiency and peace of mind. You might think you can put off protecting your data, but you never know when your fortunes will change.

Ready to make the safe move? Get started by learning more about our services and contacting us today.    

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