Understanding Security as a Service (SECaaS)

Posted on November 16, 2021 Security

As the use of cloud computing increases rapidly and the demand for cloud services grows constantly, organizations become more susceptible to threats which is why Security as a Service (SECaaS) has become so critical.

Security as a Service gives organizations the capability to to outsource security requirements such as monitoring, threat detection and recovery to dedicated expert teams. Traditionally security was in house which could become expensive and didn’t offer the holistic coverage that cloud providers can. We see more organizations outsourcing their security so that they have the space to scale security alongside growth whilst avoiding the costs associated with on-premises choices.

What is Security as a Service? 

Security as a Service (SECaaS) is outsourced cybersecurity Services delivered by a cloud model. SECaaS offers security Services hosted by cloud providers on a subscription basis. 

At its most infantile stage security as a Service is using anti-virus software via the internet.

SECaaS was created following the Software as a Service (SaaS) model as it doesn’t require on premises hardware which avoids large costs. Security as a Service includes authentication, anti-virus, intrusion detection and more.

Security as a Service provides internet security services that offer protection against threats and attacks.

The Benefits of Security as a Service

Saving time and money is one of the most prominent benefits of most cloud Services, security as a Service is no different. A Service that is delivered by a cloud provider usually is offered on a subscription basis with various options to upgrade which means that your organization will only be billed for what it utilizes. 

A further benefit of security as a Service is the agility and flexibility it offers. You can grant users access to tools on demand which allows your organization to scale the solution as needed from anywhere. 

Management will be simplified when you deploy security as a Service because your internal IT team can focus on your core goals as your cloud provider will manage the security. Your organization will have complete visibility but a team of external security experts will protect your information. 

Finally, security as Service means access to the latest tools and updates. The cloud provider specialists keep up to date with all the latest resources which means that your organization will reap the benefits of the implementation.

Some Examples of Security as a Service

Use cases of Security as a Service range from specific security for inbound email all the way through to Data Loss Prevention (DLP), here are further examples:

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Business continuity
  • Network security
  • Threat detection
  • Web security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Email security
  • Encryption
  • Identity and access management
  • Security assessment
  • Vulnerability scanning

SECaaS: Choosing a Provider

When choosing a Security as a Service provider for your organization it is important to look for the following;

The total cost of ownership (TCO) is valuable because this will ensure that you pay what you expect to pay and not more. The language within the fineprint is important because it can sometimes mean you pay more than you bargained for.

Take care to check that you will have the flexibility that your organization needs and that you won’t suffer from any interoperability issues.

Disaster recovery provisions are critical for Security as a Service to be successful for your organization. Your provider should take time to learn the ins and outs of your infrastructure including potential vulnerabilities and external threats that could cause the most damage. 

You want your Security as a Service provider to be responsive. Look for providers that specifically guarantee response times.

Availability is crucial for your organization because your network has to be available 24/7, your Security as a Service provider should also be available 24/7. 

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