Top 10 Best Cloud Managed Services For Business Operations

Posted on December 14, 2020 Cloud

Cloud managed services can take your business operations to the next level. Find which cloud managed service is right for you.

With the circumstances of 2020, businesses everywhere had to start looking at operating differently. This included transitioning to cloud-based services at the drop of a dime.

Many companies still haven’t found a good cloud managed service.

If that sounds like your company, then we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Meet the top 10 best cloud-managed services you can use for your business operations.

Cloud-Managed Services and Why You Need Them

Historically, databases have always been something that’s downloaded onto a computer. While they might link together from different computers via the internet, the majority of the data and the program itself is sourced directly from the computer itself.

This keeps information safe and secure while also providing access to any worker who needs it—once it’s been downloaded onto the computer.

The problem with software like this is that it requires a lot of setup to be able to use, and it doesn’t really integrate with other applications very well. It also can be temperamental since it’s normally sourced on some type of remote server.

Nowadays, most people use many different types of cloud-based systems to run their business. The clouds can be accessed from anywhere in the world, without large installs or lengthy onboarding processes. That helps things run smoother.

But once you start having a few clouds, then it can be a hassle keeping everything running together and running smoothly. Managing software can help businesses save money while optimizing business practices. A lot of companies don’t realize this!

The good news is that there are great cloud managing software options to pick from! Here are the best 10 that we’ve found.


Looking for a choice that can help you transition your company over to cloud-based services? Then NETdepot is your answer. We can help you with your private cloud, a hybrid cloud, public clouds, and even bare metal servers. 

NETdepot can get your business up and running in just four hours, and they offer 24/7 support so that you can get the help you need any time of the day. They also offer four locations around the United States to host your cloud services. This means great service no matter where you are!

With the approval of companies like Dell and Microsoft, you can trust NETdepot with the security of your cloud as well. With a five-step plan in place for monitoring, preventing, and stopping security breaches, you can feel safe with NETdepot.


If you’re looking to get more out of your clouds by integrating them, then Softchoice is a great option for you. They can help you set up the perfect cloud system while also establishing what programs should do to optimize results.

The company has been around for 31 years, providing technical help to companies. They’ve got experience, and they’ve watched the industry change almost as long as technology services have been around. 


Rackspace can help you manage your various cloud channels, whether you’ve got many public clouds or a mix of public and private clouds. Their entire focus is to make sure that you’re using your cloud-based platforms efficiently and correctly.

They aren’t going to focus much on the infrastructures you’ve already go in place. This can be a good thing if you don’t want to make too many changes, but it can potentially hinder how well you can optimize your clouds.


The cloud services that Capgemini offers are meant to help you update your business to modern services while also helping you optimize your processes. This is a great option if you haven’t gotten your feet wet with cloud services yet. 

This is also a great option for companies that aren’t ready to really invest in their IT department or they’ve just started up an IT department. They also provide consulting services to help you transform your clouds.

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara is another great option for anyone looking to use cloud managed services for the first time. Their cloud managing services are called REAN Cloud, so you might hear the company referred to as this at times.

This company specializes in cloud-managed software specifically for IT departments or technical support areas within companies. They’ll also continue maintaining your clouds and keep you on track with your long-term goals.


Ninety-two Fortune 100 companies trust Accenture with their cloud-managing software, and they work with any industry in any country! They’re also extremely innovative, so they’ll keep on top of the trends to keep your data safe.

Their main focus is to bring you cloud management services that are specific to your industry needs, and they’ll make sure to work with you from the start about getting your business running as efficiently as possible with your new cloud.


If you’re based out of Europe, then Nordcloud is a great option for you. While they service other areas, they’re the powerhouse of Europe throughout all industries. They also prove constant monitoring to stop any security breaches, and they check everything daily as well.

They’re certified by AWS, Google, and Microsoft for their cloud-management services, so you shouldn’t worry about using them. They also help a variety of industries as well, finding the solution that best fits your needs.

2nd Watch

Are you using both Windows and Linux in your company? If that’s a yes, then 2nd Watch is the perfect company for you—they’ll manage all your clouds across systems, and they’ll get you up and running in two days.

With companies as large as Lenovo and Coca-Cola North America as clients, you can guarantee that your information is going to be sage and that 2nd Watch will do their best to help you. Currently, they work in almost 200 different countries, making them knowledgeable and experienced. 


Sometimes things have to go wrong before you realize a problem, and that’s true for companies with clouds as well. Infosys specializes in disaster recovery-related services when it comes to your cloud, so you can find the specific help you need when things go wrong.

Infosys also specializes in technology industries, but they’ll also work in other industries. They offer a variety of prices and services for cloud managing services, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. Essentially, you can tailor the solution to fit your needs.


There are four steps to Cloudreach’s cloud services: planning, building, managing, and modernizing your cloud. No matter what step you’re in when it comes to your company’s cloud management, Cloudreach can help.

Customers like T-Mobile and Aware trust Cloudreach, and they’ve gathered 10 years of experience in cloud management to get to where they are now. They don’t specialize in any industry; instead, they’ll work with any industry that wants to use them.

How to Pick the Best Cloud Managed Service

There are two major things that you’ll want to think about when it comes to picking a service for your company: the strength of the company itself and the industries the company is an expert in.

You want to pick a company that’s been around for years. If a technology company has lasted since the 1990s, then you know that they have made and can make changes to adapt to the ever-changing environment that technology is. That’s a requirement.

You can see an example of this with NETdepot’s history. Working through massive technological advances and changes means that a company can do the same in the future. 

You’ll also want to check out what clients the company has already pulled and any type of partnerships or certifications the company has. You can trust that large Fortune 500 companies prioritize the safety of their software, and if they trust a specific company, then you can too.

The other thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the industries that a company works with. While most services are offered across industries, it can be helpful if a company has worked with your specific industry before. They’ll be able to know your specific problems before they arise, and they may be able to integrate your systems quicker and more efficiently because of this.

What Now?

A Cloud managed service can be an extremely important part of your company, and the recent pandemic made it more important than ever. You need to be able to have your data in your cloud altogether, especially with people working in different places.

While many companies weren’t prepared for a work-from-home shift, the companies that already had their data stored on the cloud had a much easier time with the transition. However, some companies are still struggling to get their cloud transferred over and managed.

That’s where NETdepot can help. With 25 years of experience in the industry, NETdepot is here to help companies get back on their feet, especially since there is no end in sight when it comes to working from home. 

We’ve gained the trust of companies like Dell and Microsoft, and we’d be glad to help you as well. Learn about how NETdepot can help you here, and then contact us if you have any questions!

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