The 5 Best Cloud Servers

Posted on September 8, 2020 Servers
With all the virtual servers to choose from, choose from the best. These are the 5 best cloud servers for your computing platform needs.

We want great service at all times, whether we’re going to a restaurant for dinner or choosing the best cloud servers. Nothing beats how enjoyable your dinner is when your host is paying attention. Think of cloud servers as your great host in technology form.

Since its introduction, the cloud hosting market has grown, with various companies offering a range of services promised to offer scalability, flexibility, and performance. However, the cloud computing industry is expected to grow even bigger. In 2014, 51 percent of workload was processed via the cloud, and it has tripled since then. 

With those statistics in mind, the only option is to join the crowd and hire the very best when you do. Confused by the eclectic mix of services cloud server companies offer? We’re here to help.

Whether your priorities include budget-friendliness, support, or operating systems, we’re narrowing down the extensive list to 5 must-know cloud servers in the industry. Take a look below.

What Is a Cloud Server?

A cloud server is a virtual server that runs in a cloud computing system. It’s an internet-based infrastructure that hosts applications and information storage.

Cloud computing platforms build and host these systems that can be accessed by anyone around the world with internet access.

Key features of cloud servers include the following:

  • Monthly pay-as-you-go payments
  • Automated services and updates
  • Same capabilities as an in-person server without the heavy metal

Why Use Cloud Servers?

Simply put, the cloud offers smoother sailing. Let’s take a look at a few ways that virtualization provides efficiency for businesses.


As mentioned before, cloud servers can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet access. This is a selling point for anyone, but it’s especially important for businesses. With cloud servers, team members can share, edit, and discuss work and data from anywhere in the world.


In terms of flexibility, cloud servers allow you to choose the size of your data or memory. This is great for growing businesses that want to add or remove employee accounts or other kinds of data. Companies can scale their storage needs to meet fluctuating demands.

Flexibility in pricing is key as well. Cloud servers provide fast service for your money. You pay for what you need and reduce the money spent on maintaining physical hardware. 


Security with cloud servers is incomparable. All software problems are isolated from your cloud servers and vice versa. And if there’s an overload on information on someone else’s, it won’t affect yours.


Backup and restoration of data can be done from anywhere using any computer or smart device with internet access.

Environmental Friendliness

When cloud servers are used to their full capacity, they minimize idle time and save the energy of the company and environment. Moving to the cloud also eliminates the need for physical servers, which reduces carbon emission.

As you can see, there are many different reasons to choose a cloud server. But first, what are the different types and which one’s meet your business needs the most?

Types of Cloud Servers

There are different types of cloud services available on the market. We’ve broken down the most common ones below.

Infrastructure as a Service

This is the bottom level of cloud servers. It’s the form of cloud service that outsources the equipment used to support various operations

Infrastructure as a service allows scalability in business, with no need to upgrade software or hardware.

Platform as a Service

This is the model of cloud service that delivers software and hardware tools, whether for application development or for internet users

With the platform as a service, your business is always up to date. You can track, update, and regulate all data, and even build your own development platform

Software as a Service

This is a model of cloud service where applications are presented by a company or service provider and made available over a network.

The most popular model, SaaS (software as a service) allows access to more features on-demand and from anywhere else in the world.

Recovery as a Service

This is a model of cloud service that is an important factor for businesses especially. It is to make sure that clients receive uninterrupted serves in case anything happens.

Also known as disaster recovery as a service, it enables companies to quickly restore machines and data without fear of loss.

How to Choose a Cloud Server

When picking a cloud server, the usual questions are “how much will it cost?” and “which technology is the best?”

These are great questions to ask, and in fact, these themes overlap for both big and small businesses. Finding the hosting companies that can cater to the overlapping of your problems is the sweet spot of cloud servers. 

Here are the three factors you should take into consideration when looking for the best cloud computing servers.


If your budget takes priority over everything else. Then your options are the cheapest companies on the market. Go for whichever one can give you the best services for what you’re willing to pay.


Perhaps you’ve been sent some recommendations by a fellow business acquaintance and you’ve heard nothing but great things about how this server has worked for their business. Or maybe you’re a huge enterprise and loyal customers to a cloud server. Then your focus is on the best hosting provider.


If you’re someone who doesn’t want anything but the best of the latest technology without looking at the budget or any loyalties to cloud server companies, then this is your sweet spot.

However, regardless of how you’re inclined to make your buying decision, all three of these factors are worth taking into consideration.

The 5 Best Cloud Servers

Cloud computing spending is expected to grow at better than 6x the rate of IT spending through 2020, We’ve narrowed down a list of the 5 best cloud servers that you should spend your money on today.

1. NETdepot 

Net Depot is one of the best in the cloud computing business. They offer various services, including the following:  

  • Private cloud service – powered by VMWare with 24/7 support
  • Cloud Backups & DR – ensuring that your data is 100% safe
  • Security as a service – customized security measures, consulting and more
  • Global Cloud Hosting – with 4 data centers in major cities around the world, they provide a geographically diverse cloud infrastructure at an affordable price
  • 80% more saving over AWS (Amazon)
  • Multiple storage regions

2. JustCloud

JustCloud offers more than 50 features. These include the following: 

  • Network drive
  • Permission management
  • Syncing and filing from multiple computers
  • File versioning
  • Hourly backups
  • Storage plans for both small businesses and large businesses.

3. Cloudways

This is a cloud hosting platform that claims to provide simplicity and choice with their services. These services include the following:

  • Managed backups
  • Optimized stacks
  • Auto-healing servers
  • Optimized stack
  • Innovative control panel

4. Dropbox

Known as the go-to file sharing application, Dropbox also offers the following:

  • Cross-platform sharing
  • Storage sync
  • Professional standard and advanced plans

5. Microsoft OneDrive

The well-known tech giant offers cloud hosting amongst other services such as the following:

  • Cross-platform syncing
  • Powerful sharing
  • Third-party apps synchronization
  • Hybrid cloud options


Most of these cloud-based companies have free options, but they often come with a lot of restrictions. Free cloud storage usually means the size and type of data are limited. So the best option is to always work within the limits of your budget and service that you might need. 

Demand for cloud will grow 18% this year, going from $209.2 billion to $246.8 billion in total worldwide revenue, according to Gartner. More cloud computing companies are bound to come out with more services, but as of right now, these are the 5 best on the market.

Cloud Hosting With NETdepot

In 2017, 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers said cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their business. The need to access data and information on the go is a must in such a technology-driven world, and businesses are finally accepting this and moving to the cloud.

Data is increasingly valuable, and keeping and protecting large amounts of it is one of the cloud servers’ biggest positive outcomes. Partnering with one of the best cloud servers will give your business an undeniable edge.

Cloud-based file servers offer an efficient solution that is gaining great popularity. Contact us to get the best offer possible for you and your business.

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