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Posted on August 17, 2016 Uncategorized

Quite a few hosting companies write blog posts about support but this one is going to be a bit different than the norm. At the beginning of this year we made a resolution to provide EPIC Support to all of our customers and we have in many ways.

Recently the team here at NETdepot took the time to go above and beyond to reach out to our customers and get some feedback on ‘how we’re doing’ and ‘how we can better help our customers’! The responses we got were fantastic and we would like to share one of our favorites with you. 🙂

We reached out to Jeremy to get to know him as well as how we could serve his company better and this is what he had to say:

NETdepot has been amazing in all areas! Reliability, communication, support, value—everything is awesome.

My business has grown and shrank over time and I have never had to think about where to go for reliable and honest hosting since moving to NETdepot. I feel like I have a real personal partner with NETdepot and I’m not just some worthless line in the accounts receivable system or a support liability.

I like to have as much control as possible and fix technical issues myself but when I need them NETdepot has always been there to solve the problem with a personal and technical level of service that is hard to find anywhere.”

Then Jeremy went on to tell us more about his business and finished up what he had to say by making some suggestions about how we could improve:

“The only thing that I could recommend would be domain name registration and SSL ‘directly’ through NETdepot at wholesale prices just to keep it all under one provider. Dealing with other re-sellers of re-sellers of re-sellers with horrible support has not been fun. I know that is a different business but handling it all with NETdepot would be top notch.

At this time there is nothing I would like to discuss further so no need to schedule a call. Just a wast of our time. However, the offer to talk in person has reinforced how I feel about NETdepot being a professional partner with a personal touch.

Keep up the good work and I am a customer for life.

Sincerely, thank you for standing behind me and providing first class service at an honest price. 

Take Care,


We value what each and every one of our customers has to say whether they have 100 dedicated servers with us or just 1 of our cloud servers—it doesn’t matter, a customer is a customer. That being said, a good hosting company is also adaptable. NETdepot doesn’t just stay inside a box! We like to go outside of it and thanks to Jeremy we’ve now implemented domain registration and SSL!

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