Reflecting on Our Journey at NVIDIA GTC 2024: Exploring the Horizons of AI and GPU Innovation

Posted on March 27, 2024 GPUs

Last week marked an incredible journey for our team as we ventured to NVIDIA GTC in San Jose, California. Having attended numerous conferences previously, we can confidently say that this event stands among the most impactful and memorable ones we’ve experienced. Many of our team members, veterans in the infrastructure field, were struck by the parallels between the burgeoning demand for GPU servers and the explosive growth witnessed in the early days of web hosting.

Evolving Computing Paradigms: The Integration of GPUs with Traditional CPUs

Our exploration at NVIDIA GTC revealed a pivotal shift in computing paradigms: the emergence of GPUs as collaborators rather than competitors with traditional CPUs, especially in managing highly complex computing tasks. Previously pigeonholed into gaming niches, GPUs have now emerged as pivotal engines powering a multitude of advanced applications. They are at the forefront of propelling AI advancements, enhancing large language models, optimizing machine learning algorithms, advancing data analytics, and amplifying the potentials of virtual and augmented reality technologies. The pace of innovation driven by GPUs is truly remarkable.

Introducing the NVIDIA Blackwell Platform

A highlight of the conference was NVIDIA’s unveiling of their Blackwell platform. This groundbreaking platform promises to revolutionize the execution of real-time generative AI with large language models, boasting a reduction in costs and energy consumption by up to 25 times compared to its predecessors. The Blackwell architecture is designed with six innovative technologies that promise to catalyze advancements in data processing, engineering simulations, electronic design automation, and generative AI applications.

Confronting the Challenges: Hardware and Infrastructure Constraints

A significant insight from the event was the recognition of the current limitations in datacenter capacity and the availability of essential hardware, particularly NVIDIA H100 GPUs, needed for training large language models. This scarcity underscores the challenges faced by companies in deploying AI applications.

Fortunately, at our sister company,, we are well-positioned to navigate these challenges. Our datacenter capabilities and our proficiency in procuring NVIDIA H100 GPUs for our clients’ bare metal servers are significant advantages. Moreover, with the anticipated launch of the NVIDIA Blackwell platform, we expect an even more streamlined access to NVIDIA H100 GPUs.

NVIDIA GTC: Igniting the Spark of Innovation

To sum up, our participation at NVIDIA GTC 2024 was not just enlightening but transformative, offering us a vivid look into the future potentials of GPU and AI technologies. It served as a powerful reminder of how innovation is key in driving technological advancement and societal progress. Reach out to us about how we can support the development of the ideal AI infrastructure for your endeavors.


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