New York Dedicated Servers

Posted on September 23, 2015 Press Releases

Why New York City Dedicated Servers?

There’s no doubt about it, New York City is the hub of the world. With NETdepot’s Dedicated Servers right here in the center of it all your server speeds won’t miss a beat.

NETdepot’s New York Dedicated Servers boast a less than 5ms latency, ensuring you the best online experience while hosting with us.

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What does it mean to have a Low Latency New York City Server?

Latency is the delay between input into a system and the desired output. Most users wouldn’t notice a milisecond delay in a server, but our power users would. Using a NETdepot New York Dedicated Server ensures low latency for faster speeds and processing.

Who Uses New York Dedicated Servers?

When you choose New York City as your hub for NETdepot Dedicated Servers, it means you want speed and direct connectivitiy across the world.

One of our customer types, Forex Traders, understands that every milisecond counts and they come to NETdepot for the speed and less than 5ms latency we provide to local traders.

Gamers also hugely benefit from the speed and low latency, giving them the ultimate online experience so they don’t get pwned.

Need a Custom New York City Server?

Need something custom? You got it. Our sales engineers can develop a custom solution that scales above or below any of our predefined configurations.

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