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Posted on January 24, 2020 Servers

Looking for a data center in Houston? You’re not alone. Thanks to its geography, climate, strong economy, and access to tech talent, Houston is an excellent location for a data center facility.

That’s why NETdepot’s Houston data center, which we operate in partnership with our sister company TRG Datacenters, is ideally located. Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about our new data center in Houston: the reasons for our choice of location, the disaster preparation that we’ve enacted, and the features that our Houston data center customers can enjoy.

Why a Data Center in Houston, Texas?

You might be wondering: “Why a data center in Texas?” or “Why a data center in Houston?” Below, we’ll discuss the factors that went into NETdepot’s decision to open a Houston data center.

Why a Data Center in Texas?

First, Texas plays host to some of the world’s top high-tech energy and technology companies. After New York and California, Texas is the U.S. state with the third-highest number of Fortune 500 companies’ headquarters. Giant multinational firms such as AT&T, Texas Instruments, and ExxonMobil have chosen to locate their headquarters in the Dallas–Fort Worth region’s “Silicon Prairie”.

Texas is also home to many excellent public universities, including the University of Texas system, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and the University of Houston. With a host of world-renowned faculty and research institutes, Texas universities consistently produce top-shelf tech talent.

What’s more, Texas offers a highly business-friendly climate, with an economy that would make it the 10th-largest in the world as an independent country. The state does not have corporate or personal income taxes, and the costs of land and energy are relatively low. Both Forbes and CNBC ranked Texas the second-best state for business in their 2019 rankings.

Why a Data Center in Houston?

Given the facts above, opening a Texas data center sounds like a great idea. But why a data center in Houston in particular?

For one, the city of Houston is a major player both regionally and nationally. Houston has a population of 2.3 million people and a metropolitan area with 7 million, making it the largest city in the Southern U.S. The city acts as an economic and cultural hub for the region, attracting residents from across the entire South and across the world.

The economy of Houston is also very strong. Once based primarily on the energy industry, Houston’s economy has rapidly diversified in recent years. Healthcare, manufacturing, aeronautics, and biomedical research companies all now call Houston home—not to mention NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Twenty-two Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the Houston area, the fourth-highest number in the U.S.

Houston’s geography and climate also make it a good location for data centers in Texas. The Houston region has many stable, dry, and flat areas that are ideal for hosting data centers. Houston enjoys hot and dry summers and mild winters, and the city is located outside “Tornado Alley,” which stretches down into North Texas. (More on natural disasters in the next section.)

When choosing the site for NETdepot’s Houston data center, we wanted to find a central, convenient location for our current and future clients. Our data center in Houston is located in the 77388 area code and is easily accessible from many of the city’s largest business hubs:

  • 5 miles from the Interstate 45 corridor.
  • 0 miles from the Grand Parkway project.
  • 5 miles from The Woodlands.
  • 15 miles from Houston International Airport.
  • 22 miles from downtown Houston.
  • 35 miles from the Energy Corridor.

Ready for Anything: Disaster Preparation for NETdepot’s Houston Data Center

We know how essential it is to offer uninterrupted data center services to our clients. According to the research firm Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,400 per minute. What’s more, a full third of businesses say that an hour of downtime would cost them over $1 million.

This means that disaster preparation must be a critical concern for any data center. When planning our data center in Houston, we were especially concerned with preventing the risk of hurricane damage, given the devastation unleashed by Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Most importantly, our Houston data center facility has been built to withstand a wind load ratio of 185 mph. This limit is significantly higher than the estimated 110-127 mph that a Category 5 hurricane would reach as it moved inland over Texas from the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, download the Texas Weather Evaluation document completed by our partners at TRG.

In the event of a hurricane in the Houston area, our data center is contained within a reinforced concrete structure. The building’s sloping roof is 4 inches thick with fully redundant leak protection and no rooftop equipment, which minimizes the risk of roof damage.

NETdepot’s choice of location for our Houston data center was also made with minimizing all possible risks and disasters in mind. Our data center is:

  • Outside Houston’s 500-year flood plains and at an elevation of 37 meters, minimizing flood risk. In addition, the data center is located 65 miles inland to protect it from tsunamis and tidal surges, which are rare occurrences in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • At least 1 mile away from all major highway thoroughfares. This location protects the data center from flooding and water damage due to exceptional rainfall, as well as car accidents (including those involving hazardous materials).
  • 5 miles away from railway lines and not under any commercial flight paths, which makes a train or air crash extremely unlikely.
  • Not located near oil or gas pipelines, hazardous material stores, or recycling centers, which reduces the risk of hazardous material releases and contamination.

Fires, earthquakes, and tornadoes are three other natural disaster risks that we have sought to mitigate:

  • Our Houston data center is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated fire suppression system.
  • Houston is located in an area with very little seismic activity. Since 1900, the closest earthquake to Houston has been more than 40 miles away, with a rating of 3.8 (“minor”) on the Richter scale.
  • As mentioned above, Houston is located outside of Tornado Alley, which significantly lowers the risk of a devastating tornado.

Features of NETdepot’s Houston Data Center

With an excellent hand-picked location and rock-solid disaster preparation, let’s now discuss the biggest features and selling points of our data center in Houston.

  • Fiber-optic cables: Fiber-optic cables can offer lightning-quick connections that businesses need in order to run their most critical and time-sensitive workflows, with some offering bandwidths of 50 Gb/s and above. Our Houston data center is in close proximity to many fiber-optic Internet providers so that you can reach your full speed and potential.
  • Electrical substations: NETdepot’s Houston data center is also close to multiple electrical substations. These locations are the parts of the electrical grid where electricity is converted from high voltage to low voltage and made ready for use by homes and businesses. Being in close proximity to multiple electrical substations gives us an ample power supply, without having to rely too much on a single source of electricity.
  • Carrier-neutral status: Our Houston data center is carrier-neutral. This means that you can choose your preferred service provider from among 8 options: AT&T, Comcast, CenturyLink, Phonoscope, Cogent, Zayo, LightWave, and Crown Castle. In addition, you can use interconnections between multiple service providers, and NETdepot offers free cross connects between our other facilities.
  • Certified construction: The data center has been built by an accredited tier designer (ATD) certified by the Uptime Institute, which develops IT industry standards for data center design, construction, and operation. The building’s high-quality and sturdy construction will dramatically lower the risk of a catastrophic event.
  • Special facility privileges: NETdepot owns the Houston data center together with our sister company TRG Datacenters. This gives us special privileges within the facility that our customers can enjoy.


Finding the right data center in Houston, or in any location that fits your business, is both a challenging and an essential task. Your choice of Houston data center must be reliable enough for you to entrust it with your critical and confidential information, ensuring that you can enjoy constant, unbroken access to this data 24/7/365.

NETdepot was drawn to Houston for its many appealing qualities, including its convenient geography, a business-friendly climate, and lessened risk of natural disasters. We look forward to providing our customers with high-quality data center services and continued availability, thanks to our hand-picked, low-risk location and our wide range of cutting-edge features.

Are you looking for a data center in Houston for your business? Look no further than NETdepot. Get in touch with our team today for a chat about your needs and objectives.

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