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Posted on March 12, 2020 Servers

Congratulations—you’ve outgrown your shared hosting plan and are considering investing in a dedicated server.

This probably means that your business is growing, and you are starting to feel some performance pain. Maybe your website is loading too slowly—despite good maintenance on the front end—or jams at peak times are creating other headaches and even lost revenue or critical data. You might be concerned about better data security and backup, more efficient storage, or wanting to use software or configurations not supported by your shared hosting plan.

Some common reasons businesses switch to a dedicated server

  • You anticipate rapid growth and increased traffic
  • Timing can be tricky because you want increased revenue before adding in the additional server costs, but the best time to make the transition is well before your resources are overwhelmed. Depending on the kind of content you host, you should plan for peak traffic 5 to 30 times your average daily traffic.
  • Page load speed is getting bogged down
  • Slow page load speeds are leading to bounces and low engagement rates. If you’ve optimized everything you can on the front end, it might be time to look at a dedicated server, especially if you are losing sales or leads. Page loads are a critical component of the digital experience, and a dedicated server can give you the speed you need to compete.
  • Security is business-critical
  • You are handling sensitive records or storing user data and a breach would put you out of business. Cybercriminals target small and medium businesses in the vast majority of their attacks, and 60% of SMEs are out of business 6 months after a breach. A dedicated server can provide enterprise-grade security and help you keep your data and operations safe.

Dedicated hosting unlocks the power of your digital infrastructure 

Digital services and online customer experiences are the backbone of business growth, allowing businesses to innovate and develop new revenue streams, but if a website performs poorly or doesn’t have enough power behind it, this can result in a poor user experience, limited functionality and a loss of revenue.

Dedicated hosting can give you the power and control you crave, along with enterprise-class security. It also significantly reduces your personal risk and eliminates the need of having engineers on call, since you are leasing rather than owning and maintaining your own servers.

It is the best of both worlds: you have your own server and complete control, but since you are backed up by the greater capacity and performance of a data center, it is easier to scale your business quickly, and to leverage leading-edge technology to provide a world-class experience.

Dedicated hosting is the top shelf solution for most enterprises today, because it is both costly and risky to host your own servers, especially when you can have the same control with a dedicated server.

Datacenter location is critical to cybersecurity

The best technology is only as good as the people and infrastructure behind it, and this is why proudly showcase Netdepot’s SSAE 16 certified data center, in the heart of Georgia’s ‘Silicon Peach’. Atlanta is a beautiful and innovative city that has made considerable investments in infrastructure and smart technologies, and is an optimally located interconnection point for the south-eastern United States. Two of the largest fiber optic trunk lines in the U.S. intersect in the metropolitan Atlanta region, as well as the research line Internet2, making this location a smart choice for future-proofing your digital infrastructure.

A gateway to the Southeast 

As the ninth largest U.S. metropolitan area and a critical communications hub, Atlanta is an ideal colocation market due to its reliable infrastructure and low power costs. Atlanta supports a healthy startup ecosystem, and thousands of companies in fintech, biotech, cybersecurity and mobility call it home. In recent years, the region has seen explosive growth in information and communication technology, and has become a key B2B technology hub, hosting the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in a major city.

Dedicated hosting in Atlanta diversifies risk

Atlanta not only acts as a regional gateway to the Southeastern United States, but is also a major East Coast fiber convergence point and cross connect of long haul carriers currently present in our carrier. In addition to access to competitive low cost and reliable power rates, Atlanta also benefits from low incidence of natural disasters and provides vendors a location to diversify risk exposure on the east coast.

What does this mean for you? 

NETdepot’s Atlanta site is fiber connected and lightning fast, making it an ideal site for any business who can’t afford down time. With a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% and premium disaster recovery protocols, our dedicated servers are SSAE 13 certified, HIPPA compliant, and a reliable option even for hospital and medical facilities with live operations.

Some of key features include:

  • Physical security and around the clock staffing at our state-of-the art facility
  • Multiple 10 GBIT uplinks for high speed network applications
  • Redundant network design for the most robust, fast and secure private and public networks
  • Advanced automation for greater customer control and power
  • Buydown options for lower monthly costs
  • Disaster recovery as a service


In order to meet the demands of digital transformation, more businesses have shifted to data centers for the greater flexibility, security and power they provide. NETdepot is a debt-free and financially secured operation with direct access to management and world-class customer support. Our owners and staff pride themselves on the strength of our network, premium disaster recovery protocols, and our epic customer support.

For twenty years, NETdepot has provided leading-edge self-managed servers and cloud servers to a wide variety of corporate and enterprise clients. Today is a world-class provider with datacenter locations in Atlanta, Houston, NYC and San Francisco and plans to grow our footprint. As a net-Income profitable company with a strong financial and managerial foundation, NETdepot is the perfect partner for your growing business. Contact us at 1-844-25-CLOUD today to see how NETdepot can help take your business to the next level.

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