NETdepot Holds Pushing Cloud to the Edge Webinar

Posted on August 23, 2021 Webinars

NETdepot held a webinar on August 17 2021 called NETdepot Powered by Zadara: Pushing cloud to the Edge.

This webinar covered how adopting a cloud model at the edge can simplify your cloud experience while keeping it current and refreshed to the most updated technology.

Ben Beasley, Vice President of Operations at NETdepot led the presentation alongside Derrick Danskin, Partner Marketing manager at Zadara. When asked about the webinar, Beasley said this was a chance for people to hear from industry experts on how they can find a uncomplicated storage solution without compromising on their storage needs.

NETdepot is a customer focused cloud solutions provider that aims to create a streamlined customer experience. They provide managed infrastructure and cloud services to amplify the value of your staff. Their goal is to simplify your workload and enable your IT team to concentrate on their business objectives. Allowing you to focus on the critical tasks, and they handle everything else.

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