Key Features to Include in Your Backup as a Service Package

Posted on September 13, 2022 Blog Press Release
In the first quarter of 2022, 92% of data breaches happened because of cyberattacks. In the same quarter, 8% of data compromises are because of system and human errors.

Winston Churchill once said, “Where there is great power, there is great responsibility.”

As a business that keeps a lot of business data, you have a duty to protect it. Backup as a Service is invaluable with data protection.

If your organization is looking for reliable, low-cost methods to protect your organization from data loss, keep reading this article. We will reveal more about what Backup as a Service is, its key features, and why it is so important.

Now, let’s dive in further for the details.

What is Backup as a Service?

BaaS is a way to store data offsite, managed by an outside vendor. People also recognize it as an online backup service.

Cyberattacks, human errors, and natural disasters can cause a loss of sensitive data. The entire purpose of Backup as a Service is to protect business and personal data.

Typically, this means a cloud backup via a network connection to a secure, remote repository. This can be public, private, or a hybrid cloud. A hard drive with files and folders is backed up consistently by the vendor.

Compared to other offsite services, BaaS is simpler to manage. There is no need to concern your team with managing tapes or hard disks and then rotating them, too. Instead, your data storage administrator can send your information to an offsite location where a reputable vendor maintains and manages it.

BaaS Acts as DRaaS

Another type of cloud computing model that is vital for businesses is Disaster Recovery as a Service. Like BaaS, it backs up data to a third-party vendor. It also backs up IT infrastructure so companies can regain functionality and access their data after a disaster.

It is a critical component of business continuity. Your organization needs a disaster recovery contingency plan in case of natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and wildfires. Plus, there can be power outages and equipment failure, even cyberattacks.

Why it is Important

Data surrounds your organization. It runs off data. The very essence of your company is your data.

Data loss harms your business. It prevents you from conducting business, but also, if your customers find out, it damages your brand reputation. You do not want your target market to label you as unreliable or unsafe.

The problem with SaaS or software-as-a-service is that while it backs up your company’s data, it does not guarantee to restore it completely, or with speed, for that matter.

Hacking, malicious insiders, sync issues, and human error can all contribute to data loss. Working with a reputable BaaS backup and recovery solution gives you peace of mind if this should occur.

Key Features

The 2022 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report reveals that as much as 82% of data breaches happen because of human error. When you have a lot of employees, chances are high that an accident can lead to data loss.

You need data protection with resiliency.

Each business runs uniquely, so the way you need to back up your data depends on your organization. Your organization has its own set of requirements.

No matter your needs, these are some of the best features you should have with your Backup as a Service package.

Cloud Simplicity

On your list of features for your BaaS, simplicity should rise to the top. Professionals know that a traditional approach to backing up data is complex. Managing operations requires multiple backup tools for a hybrid cloud.

A fragmented approach will limit how you innovate your business. That is because of how time-consuming it is.

With the traditional approach, your people will need to initialize, divert, and manage different operating systems. Each system will need its own best practice.

Unfortunately, this is an unnecessary waste of time that doesn’t make much sense.

You must work with a provider that can break down silos normally associated with backup deployment. Look for something that is managed through one console and deploys quickly.


Since you have a unique business, you need a unique BaaS package. Assuming that a legacy solution will cover all your needs is unrealistic.

You will scale your business, either up or down, based on many factors, like sales and business, that are generated. Your package should be flexible to accommodate scaling.

The provider should give you options like:

  • Rapid recovery on-premises
  • Instant restores with snapshots
  • Backup to the cloud

You want a provider to architect options to fit your needs, including options for long-term data retention.

Agile Response

The more downtime you encounter, the more your business will suffer. What you need is speed. Robust protection should take minutes to enable.

You need rapid restores and fast recoveries on-premises, all with cloud backup technology.

Cost Optimization

The best way to pay for a BaaS is to pay per use. It will be difficult to predict the future and how much data you will have a year from now. You do not want to have to switch a plan or vendor a year from now because you have a lot more or a lot fewer data than you expected.

Paying-per-use with a transparent and predictable billing based on consumption will ensure that you are not overpaying for services you do not need.

Ransomware Protection

Any vendor you choose must take the proper measures to ensure the safety and security of your data. This includes protecting your data from ransomware attacks.

Your provider can ensure your safety when they know how to hide your information (encryption) from attackers. A cybercriminal cannot infect what it cannot reach.

Compliance Monitoring and Management

This is a valuable feature to add to your package. It relates to quality assurance and helps your organization meet regulatory guidelines.

There are multiple cases where compliance monitoring is by law, and organizations must give a detailed report of their monitoring programs’ robustness.

It is important to have for your overall network governance process. It keeps your sensitive data protected, and it protects you from cyberattacks.

Ask your vendor for compliance monitoring and management details as part of your BaaS package.

Key Benefits

Having a Backup as a Service will allow your company to reap plenty of rewards, as the benefits are brilliant.


This is indisputable. It’s automated. When your BaaS is up and running and information streams in, it will save automatically.

It does not require a human to intervene so someone can label, save, and track information. This allows your human workers to concentrate on more human tasks without worrying about your business data getting lost.


Data stored in a BaaS has encryption, minimizing your risk. Because of the encryption, you do not need to worry over the typical threats of a hacker. User errors and natural disasters will no longer create a risk that you will go out of business or lose sales, as it creates business continuity.

Ease of Recovery

You’ll get multiple levels of redundancy. Humans are the biggest cause of data loss, through an error or a deletion. But with BaaS, you have backups that are easy to find.

A BaaS has multiple levels of redundancy because they store over one copy of your data and in places that are independent of one another. “The more, the merrier” in this case, as the more storage levels you have, the better off your business is.

Each level is an additional assurance of your data being protected from loss. If you lose your data, you have a backed-up version to access.


Compared to the cost of servers, tape drives, and other hardware equipment for backing up data (not to mention the software element needed to perform the backup), BaaS is usually less expensive.

It is not just the cost of the physical media equipment where you would store backups; it is also the cost of transporting that media somewhere safe, in a remote location. Plus, you must pay your information technology labor to manage and troubleshoot these systems.

With a good BaaS, your company is better off in case of a data loss.

Backups You Can Count On

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