How Does Cloud Storage for Businesses Work?

Posted on September 20, 2022 Blog Press Release

As a business grows, so does its data. The more proactive you are with setting up your system for storage scalability early on, the easier it will be to manage your data later down the road. Cloud storage for businesses can help.

Many organizations are embracing the cloud. Over 60% of companies use the cloud for performing operations that are IT-related. Further, 80% of businesses that have adopted the cloud see improvement in less than six months after making the switch.

If you are seeking a storage solution that offers data protection and allows you to scale up easily, cloud storage is the solution for you. Want to know more about how it works for your business? We’ll tell you right now!

What Is Cloud Storage?

It’s a lot like how it sounds. Using remote services that are accessed by the internet, cloud storage refers to storage space available in the cloud.

The company’s data is maintained, managed, and backed up remotely. Typically, a company will pay monthly for cloud storage or at a rate based on how much they consume.

Data centers containing huge computer servers will physically store the data. They make it available to your company online using the web. Your staff will upload your content remotely, store it, and retrieve your data when you need it.

The nice thing about using the cloud is that you do not need to spend time and money on external hard drives, servers, and memory sticks to keep and move data.

How Does Cloud Storage for Businesses Work?

In short, it is simple and easy. With cloud storage, data centers that store the information are located somewhere else. It can be anywhere in the world, and a third-party business keeps it.

Since the internet accesses the data, all you need is the web to access your data.

Cloud storage leverages a chain of servers. This includes a master control server and additional storage servers. The servers link.

They bill you depending on how much you use it. This payment model can easily save your company money.

Otherwise, you may need to invest in strong servers as you know that your business’s data will probably increase. With cloud storage, you pay for how much space you occupy right now.

Storage Scalability

This is an immensely attractive solution to businesses for storage scalability. Often, you want to start small and grow your storage as your business does. That is why it is such a crucial factor for companies of all industries.

With cloud storage, you are limitless in your needs. No matter how much you collect in data, you do not have to worry that you will run out of storage. All you need to do is pay for more.

Plus, you do not need to decide on a physical location at your business premises where you want to keep a massive data storage machine. That means you can use your company location for your people to work, versus paying for extra space for more equipment.

Another factor is if you choose a physical server or hard drive over the cloud, how much is too much? If you are predicting the future, how can you look into a crystal ball and know for sure exactly how much data you will have?

An estimate is just an estimate. You might end up buying way too much equipment for data storage. Cloud storage lets you scale up, but it also lets you scale down too, if you need less.


Besides making storage easier, cloud storage makes your data easy to access. You can access your data at any time and at any place in the world. Anyone can access your stored information as long as they have authorization.

This gives your growing company flexibility. You do not have to be physically in the office to access the data that your staff needs. With the rise in a remote workforce, it is good to have the flexibility to access data on the go.

Statistics suggest that approximately 4.3 million Americans work remotely at least 50% of the time. Since 2005, work-from-home employees have increased by 140%.

There have been a lot of adjustments since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and cloud tools have come to the rescue. 85% of enterprise businesses are expected to adopt a “cloud-first” principle by the year 2025.

Most cloud storage providers will give you up-to-date access to files with any device that is compatible. You can access your data via a computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Centralized Data

When you use cloud storage, your data is in a central cyber place. You do not have to store data in multiple locations. This makes locating a file much quicker and simpler.

This enhances a collaborative effort. Modern, data-driven companies need to help their teams collaborate no matter where they are working from with ease. Real-time, cloud-based working documents make this possible.

Have you ever had to pass along a document and create multiple versions? Now, with cloud data, everyone can work and update just one file. You will not lose information because it is accessible and stored remotely.

Less Downtime

A good cloud storage company guarantees uptime as much as 99.9% of the time. You can’t make those kinds of promises when you store data on a server in-house. Storage systems can fail, and that can mean a significant amount of downtime.

Downtime can be harmful to your bottom line. A recent report suggests that information technology downtime can cost companies $1.55 million annually.


A robust cloud storage system that a third party will provide relies on hundreds of data servers. Computers may need repair or maintenance from time to time, that is why it is good to have multiple machines containing the same information.

We refer to this as redundancy. Without it, you would not have assurances that you can access your data anytime, anywhere. This is a major benefit of cloud storage.

Often, the systems will have the same data on servers that use a different power supply. That way, if one power supply fails, clients can still access their data. It is the digital version of the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Data Protection and Cybersecurity Protection

If you are concerned about the recent uptick in cyberattacks, you have a good reason. It can feel like cybercriminals are multiplying and coming out of the woodwork from every angle.

The FBI’s Internet Crime Report reports that for the year 2020, the dollar amount associated with cybercrimes is as much as $2.7 billion. They encountered 791,790 complaints regarding suspected internet crimes.

You can pour a lot of time and money into a security solution for on-site data servers, but it is not likely to match the data protection you get from a cloud storage provider. Cloud storage providers recognize the need for managed cybersecurity. That is why they are experts in protecting data from viruses, direct hacks, and other types of cybercrimes.

The fact is that a cloud storage solution has added security to how it works. It spreads data over many servers, not just one. Plus, because it is not one piece of equipment, you do not have to worry about the equipment incurring damage.

Often, a cloud storage provider has full-time security guards at their physical business locations to protect them from physical theft too. They work hard so that you can feel assured your data is safe. Salesforce suggeststhat 94% of companies report major online security improvements once they move their data to the cloud.

Risk Mitigation

For matters of compliance, cloud storage is perfect for assisting businesses. GDPR, or the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, along with other regulations and data privacy laws, strictly prohibits a customer’s data or personal information from being misused by an organization. If they catch you guilty of not complying with regulations, there can be some hefty fines to pay.

Not only that, but you risk cybercriminals and malicious actors intercepting your vulnerable data. A good cloud storage provider will promise to abide by all laws, including GDPR. This will help you with compliance, knowing that your data is being handled correctly.

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