DNS Management

Posted on August 3, 2015 How-To Guides

Ready to point your domain name somewhere? Manage your DNS to point to your NETdepot.com dedicated or cloud server:

Step 1: Get to the DNS Page

Under “Network” on your sidebar you will find the “DNS” link. Go ahead and click that after you’ve logged in to your NETdepot Server Control Panel.

Step 2: Adding a Zone

Once you’re navigated to the DNS Page, click in the “Zone Name” field and add your domain name. Locate the IP address of your server and add it to the “IP” field. Then click “Add Zone” to add it to your list of domains you wish to manage.

Step 3: Nameservers

Once you’ve added a domain name to manage within NETdepot’s Control Panel, you will need to tell the registrar to point to our nameservers. Log in to the registrar you used and set the nameservers to:

  • ns1.netdepot.com (
  • ns2.netdepot.com (
  • ns3.netdepot.com (

Step 4: Viewing DNS Records

DNS records can be viewed and managed inside of the NETdepot Control Panel after the nameservers are set up from Step 3. You can view, update and delete all current records from this page. To filter the records, use the checkbox selection above the management fields.

Step 5: Add a Record

Scroll to the bottom of the page to add a record. Type in the record name that is needed, the type of record, your TTL (time to live) and the target of the record. If you are adding multiple records you can keep tabbing through or click the “More Records” button in the top right corner.

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