Cloud Compute: 15 Amazing Facts About Cloud Computing

Posted on August 27, 2021 Cloud

Technology predicts the future of culture. There’s no doubt that cloud computing will bring us into the innovations of the 21st century. The COVID 19 pandemic facilitated growth in the cloud computing industry, and now many workers are using it for the first time. 

But how exactly does cloud computing work? What are the benefits of cloud computing? Why are cloud computing services so popular?

This article seeks to answer those questions by providing you with twelve amazing facts about cloud computing. 

1. Cloud Computing is Nearly Universal 

Rates for cloud adoption is extremely high. Public cloud adoption is at 91 % and private cloud adoption is over thirty percent. It’s considered the number one initiative for businesses. 

Companies make use of both private and public clouds, so they’ll benefit from both of these statistics. Some of these businesses even make use of multi-cloud or hybrid cloud strategies. 

As more options for cloud adoption become more prominent, more businesses will adopt the cloud. More options mean more niches it can fit. 

2. Amazon is the Leading Cloud Vendor 

Many people know Amazon only for its online marketplace and streaming service. However, these days, Amazon offers more than 100 different services. People don’t know it, but for the past 6 years, Amazon has been making moves towards the world of web hosting and has dominated there as well. 

This is largely due to the fact that they have 5 times more cloud infrastructure than their next 14 competitors. This has allowed them to provide a quick, secure, and cost-effective surface to their clients. 

They also have a system by which their customers only pay for what they use. This means their clients don’t feel as though they have to overspend.

While cloud computing is a revolutionary technology, the smartest businesses will still rise to the top. The business acumen of Amazon has allowed them to thrive in this world. 

3. Cloud Computing Has Created Jobs

Advances in technology also mean the creation of new jobs. The IT department of many businesses has been overhauled to include roles for cloud specialists. 

Some examples of these types of jobs are cloud consultants, cloud software architects, cloud engineers, and cloud software engineers. Some of these jobs pay six figures. 

As long as more meaningful interactions with customers are completed via the crowd, more cloud specialists will be needed in the field. This is a wonderful way for young people — who often understand this technology the best — to get into this business and make a good deal of money for themselves. 

4. Remote Work is Rising

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to work from home. However, the development of cloud computing made working from home a breeze. 

While many people didn’t expect to enjoy it so much, 60 percent of Americans prefer working from home. Disaster facilitates change, and technology allows that change to take place. 

Once the world goes back to “normal” after the pandemic, you can expect to find a new normal, where people work from wherever they want. Once the necessity of working from home is lifted, many companies will surely keep it going, now realizing just how great it is for their worker’s happiness and for their productivity. 

5. Cloud Automation Exists — And It Works Too 

Another one of the most prominent technologies that will change our world is AI. They aren’t mutually exclusive, however. The could and RPA can easily work together.  

Robotic Process Automation is the process of teaching a robot how to manage certain menial tasks. This allows skilled workers to focus on the more skilled parts of their job. RPA becomes shockingly easy when used in tandem with the cloud because information received by clients can be automatically sorted and reviewed by the robot processes. 

6. Updates Are Insanely Simple 

As many gamers know, the use of a cloud makes updates extremely easy. If your cloud provider implements an update, they don’t need to come to your business to install it. They can simply put the patch into action online, and your company will receive the benefits wherever you are.

This will create new jobs in itself. Patch management is an important service to the operation of the cloud. Cloud maintenance is going to become just as important as the maintenance of physical workspaces. 

A similar field is application performance monitoring. We need cloud experts who can make sure everything is running smoothly. Compliance monitoring is important as well — people making sure cloud companies are providing you the services you need. 

Speaking of which, there are other jobs arising to deal with concerns. . . 

7. Cybersecurity Jobs Are On the Rise 

The cloud connects everybody. Unfortunately, this can mean that a cybercriminal hacking one person hits a jackpot. 

Cybercriminals — using tactics such as phishing — can easily target your most vulnerable employees, and use this to get at some of your important information. 

Thankfully, cloud security companies have popped up. Many of the world’s leading IT companies put special focus on cybersecurity.

The best way to deal with cybercrime is to prevent it. This is why a good cybersecurity company will offer to give you a vulnerability scan. They’ll help you identify the holes in your security so you can patch them. 

Hackers are getting smarter, but so are cybersecurity professionals. This is yet another field that bright young engineers can get into. DNS Performance Monitoring is one of the biggest forms of cloud security. 

Hire yourself a great security operations center. 

8. The Cause of Most Cloud Security Breaches Are Human 

While there are some genuine cloud security concerns, you don’t have to become paranoid. Most cloud security breaches aren’t the fault of the cloud itself.

While the cloud does allow unique opportunities for cybercriminals, you can prevent the risk in the first place by educating your employees. Make sure they know never to give out their personal information and to not click on any foreign or strange links. 

While the technology has increased, phishing tactics are largely the same. Cybercriminals often make use of social engineering attacks to undermine the security of your business. They may try to inspire fear, anger, and anxiety in your employees to try to get them to give out their information. 

It could be a good idea to call your business together and explain to them the unique risks that cybersecurity poses. 

9. The Cloud is Good For Business

We’ve talked about how many businesses are adopting the cloud, but how many businesses are benefiting from the cloud? 

Statistics say that at least 80 percent of companies report that they’ve seen improvements in their IT department since adopting the cloud. This is no doubt due to the ease of use that the cloud provides. With options such as restful API and telecommunication integration, it’s far easier to operate IT. 

10. The Amount of Data On the Cloud Is Unimaginable 

By the year 2025, there’s projected to be over 100 zettabytes of data in the cloud. One zettabyte is equal to a trillion gigabytes. 

The cloud industry is becoming too big to fail. While yes, there are cloud security issues, you have to keep in mind that you’re far from the only person to have some information online. Soon enough, it’s likely that there will be more information stored online than there is in person. 

11. The Average Employee Uses Over 30 Cloud-Based Programs

The cloud is even more popular than people realize. The average employee uses tons of cloud-based programs. Popular services for project management, customer relationship management, human resource management, and enterprise relationship management are all based online. 

Here’s a brief list of popular cloud-based programs. 

  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Dropbox
  • Hiroku
  • Vimeo
  • Carbonite 
  • Collibra
  • Datadog 

Essentially, if you’re using a service that allows you to leave something up online for your coworker to check out, you are making use of a cloud service.  

12. Access To Data From Everywhere Is Paramount

The number one reason people give for adopting the cloud is the access to data and information everywhere. 

As the internet age grows more and more powerful, we need access to that information no matter where we are. If we get a phone call with some new information, it’s not enough to wait to go back to the office. We need to be able to enter that information in so that others can see it now. 

This is the convenience and competitive advantage that cloud computing provides. As long as you have your device with you, you’ll never find yourself at a shortage of information. 

Get Into Cloud Computing Today

If you haven’t updated your business to make use of cloud computing, you’re already behind. Get yourself involved with the cloud so you can take advantage of the most important contemporary technologies. The cloud might be the way of the future, but it’s already starting to be implemented now. 

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