Cloud Backups: 10 Ways to Find the Best Service for You

Posted on January 19, 2022 Cloud

Can you imagine waking up one day to find all your data vanished? As much as this is the last event you even want to imagine happening, it is a possibility if you use local backups.

Due to reasons like hacking, hard disk failure, accidents, or human errors, you can suddenly lose your data with no hope of recovering it.

For this reason, it makes no sense to store data on local storage devices and cross fingers, hoping nothing gets lost. Fortunately, you have cloud backups to protect you against such data disasters.

In fact, 60% of businesses are currently using cloud backup for secure and efficient data storage.

This has led to the rise of many cloud backups, all promising to offer the best. Unfortunately, selecting the best among them is easier said than done.

Given that a cloud backup service provider is like an insurance provider for your data, this is not a decision that you can make abruptly.

So, how do you pick the best among the innumerable options available? Here is a checklist to guide you.

Storage Space Options

When comparing different backup services, consider how much backup storage they provide and how much you need. Most cloud backups have different backup plans with different prices.

Therefore, consider how much data you expect to store and your estimated budget to help you select what works best for you.

Additionally, find out if are any limitations on their storage space options. This is on factors like total files that you can upload in a day or in a month. Remember to settle for the option that best secures your data and stays within your budget.

Security of Data Stored

Given that data security is the top reason for considering cloud backup, it is necessary to confirm that the service provider values security. Additionally, cybercrimes that tamper with such data are on the rise, thus need for security assurance.

For this reason, make sure an ideal cloud service provider has the right security measure like the 256-bit extension. This is for the stored data and encryption of data during transfer.

Another security measure they need to have is the two-step verification with a one-time password.

They should also be able to disable login if they suspect unusual activities in the cloud storage account. Moreover, the physical data centers of these cloud backups should also be secured with CCTVs and security staff, among other security standards.

Of all the issues that you may want to compromise when selecting the best cloud backup service, security should not be one of them.


Although it makes sense to pay a cloud backup provider to keep your data safe, this does not mean that you break the bank on it. There are many affordable options that you can use and remain with your budget.

Additionally, paying too much doesn’t always mean that you get the best options. You may end up with options that your business needs. Most service providers charge per GB, but others have a fixed price.

Find out which option your provider uses and determine what works best for you.

Moreover, there could be additional prices such as bandwidth, necessary upgrades, and customer support, among others. Ask whether these are inclusive in the amount charged to avoid surprise fees.

Remember to confirm the payment frequency; that is either weekly, monthly or yearly.

Backup Frequency

A reliable cloud backup service provider should handle the backup tasks since you may be too busy to handle them. Therefore, confirm the frequency of data backup and their system of doing it.

For instance, do they back up the data hourly, weekly, or monthly? Others have automated backup where they backup data in real-time. You determine what works best for you based on the nature of your business.

Additionally, some providers allow you to set different backup frequencies. This means you can have automated backup for certain files and users and maybe weekly backup for others.

The more sensitive data is, the higher the backup frequency should be. You can also go for a service provider that gives you control over how often to back up your data.

Their Policy on Deleting Data

Accidental data deletion is a leading cause of the loss of data stored in the cloud. In other cases, the deletion is not accidental, but someone with access willingly chooses to delete the data.

A good service provider will have strict policies to help avoid such scenarios. For instance, somebody else needs to confirm the data deletion before continuing.

For even more security, there should be a policy to prevent the deletion of data at any one time. All data should remain in the account no matter how irrelevant it may seem; only delete it in case of cloud backup account cancellation.

File Restoration From the Cloud Backups

When the unthinkable happens, and you lose data stored in your local storage, how fast can you recover this data from your cloud storage? Having to wait several hours or days before getting back this data could cost you a fortune.

This is especially if you are running a business that relies on this data to serve its customers.

For this reason, file restoration should be done as quickly and easily as possible. In fact, it should be instant, especially for the data that was last to backup.

Therefore, before settling for any service provider, find out the ease of recovering this data and how long it may take to restore it.

Settle for the service provider who seems confident that they can recover the data almost instantly.


As your business grows, your data storage needs are expected to grow as well. With this in mind, look for a cloud backup storage provider who is likely to grow with you as your needs grow.

For instance, they should upgrade storage space as needed without the inconvenience of having to wait several days to get more data.

Additionally, the cloud backup service should cover short-term needs such as a temporary project that needs more storage options than you usually use.

To make it possible to get the most scalable cloud backup, look for a service provider who is well established and who has been in the business for a while.

Reputation of the Service Provider

All cloud backup companies that you will come across promise to offer the best. While some of them intend to do so, they are not all well equipped to provide the best and may end up disappointing you.

Therefore, check the reputation of the cloud backup services provider before trusting them with this sensitive task. Make sure that they are qualified and verified to handle these cloud backup tasks.

Ask them to give you client references where you can confirm that they provide quality services.

You can also use online reviews to determine the reputability of the company. If there are many negative comments on a certain service provider, avoid working with them no matter how promising they seem.

Customer Services and Support

Choosing a third party to trust with your data is not easy. For this reason, the cloud backup provider you choose to work with should prove their worth by offering excellent customer support.

First, they should be easy to contact 24/7. After all, you may need to restore your data at any time, day or night. Therefore, it should be easy to reach them either through email, telephone, or online chat.

If a service provider is often offline, they will most likely be unavailable when you urgently need them, maybe to restore data.

On the other hand, what kind of customer relations does this service provider have? How do they respond to your concerns, questions, or requests?

The first impression you get after you contact this company can help you tell whether these are people you can work with for a long time.

Terms and Conditions of the Service Provider

Before signing on the dotted line to start receiving cloud backups from a service provider, first, read and understand their terms and conditions.

Confirm whether there are any terms that conflict with those in your business; for instance, how often you should pay for these services.

Additionally, confirm any limitations regarding the cloud backup services you expect. Reading through these terms will help you avoid unpleasant surprises later.

It is also possible to notice some red flags that this is not the company to work with through these terms and conditions.

Get Reliable Cloud Backup Services

Cloud backups are not a luxury but a necessity for all businesses and individuals holding sensitive data. With the best cloud backup service provider, there is no fear of litigations and regulatory fines if you lose your data.

Additionally, a cloud backup solution helps reduce the trauma you have in case your local storage is lost or damaged.

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