Cheap S3 Storage: What’s the Wait?

Posted on December 5, 2019 Cloud

NETdepot’s S3 Storage Savings

Companies are amassing more information every day, across every sector of business, related to all aspects of their industry, consumer base, and supply lines. That’s a lot of data to collect, store, access, and mine. The are finding a need for a data storage facility that provides all those services, as well as top-of-the-line data security features and flexible scalability a must. And they need it all at a reasonable cost.

NETdepot’s S3 Cloud Object storage (Simple Storage Service) meets all those needs while also promising a multitude of additional support services.

Why Cloud Object Storage?

The short answer is because cloud object storage is the most comprehensive way to manage today’s burgeoning lakes of unstructured (‘object’) data. Cloud servers are larger and more complex than most on-premise servers, so they can handle more information, and handle it better than most on-premise servers, too. And they’re managed by cloud management experts whose sole focus is to monitor and maintain those systems.

The longer answer includes all the benefits and features provided by cloud storage, such as its flexibility. As your company’s needs change, so can your cloud storage services, so you’re not locked into a single ‘solution’ for many computing challenges. Cloud storage also offers easy access to your files, so your workers can access critical corporate data from anywhere they may be. Cloud storage providers also often provide invaluable backup and restore services in the event your organization gets hacked or suffers an outage. Backups and disaster recovery services are usually always best handled by experienced, skilled service providers.

Only you can know what type of cloud configuration will work best for your enterprise, and NETdepot offers all. Depending on the computing demands of your operation, you may elect to establish a private or a hybrid cloud storage option at a proprietary data center. However, if both of these options are often too expensive or require too much work, many companies choose to access the cloud storage services of a public cloud services provider, such as NETdepot.

Why NETdepot’s S3 Cloud Storage Service?

Two factors pop up when comparing NETdepot’s S3 Cloud Storage services to those of the other industry giants: reliability and affordability.


You’d think that the ‘Big Guys’ would get it right all the time, but you’d be wrong. In many cases, these prominent industry leaders suffer major failures simply because their organizations are such a behemoth, and there are so many opportunities for disaster.

For example, in 2017, Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) failed when an Amazon team member, intending to remove just a small number of servers from a particular network, instead, inadvertently removed many more servers than was planned. The single erroneous entry launched a cascading effect that eventually took out AWS services in the entire US-EAST-I region. The system failure caused inordinately slow loading of the websites of 54 of the nation’s top 100 retailers, including Lululemon, One King’s Lane, and Express. The outage itself lasted only four hours, but customers throughout the affected area experienced service delays of up to 11 hours. Clearly, just because it’s big and charges high prices doesn’t mean that AWS can guarantee its customers safe and reliable services.

In contrast, NETdepot has spent its 20 years in the business perfecting the services and options of its much more selective enterprise. The company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service, colocation, dedicated servers, managed hosting, and cloud services live in two Tier 4 Data Centers located in Houston and Atlanta (with a third coming soon in San Francisco), and guarantee 100% of uptime service levels. These ‘big’ services offered through the smaller but state-of-the-art NETdepot servers ensure that no NETdepot customers experience losses like those experienced by AWS clientele.


Pricing matters, too, and every company must maintain a vigilant eye on the bottom line if it intends to stay in business. Although Amazon pioneered the S3 technology, providers like NETdepot can offer the same high-quality service at a much lower rate than the tech giant offers its clients.

As an example, consider the need to store and access a large quantity of TBs, say, 210,000 TBs. With AWS, that service would cost over $331,000, while at NETdepot, the exact same service costs a mere $26,000, an 80% savings. For the same service.

NETdepot’s debt-free management style is a testament to the company’s financial intelligence, which is demonstrated by the way they share their economic savvy with their customers. And its customers gain the same great support and service as they would at AWS, but at exceptional prices:

  • Direct Connect options are as low as $150 per month for 1 Gigabit; only $2500 per month for 40 Gigabits.
  • Expert migration support is available, too, to assist the move from your current S3 provider to NETdepot, and it’s free when you sign up for a new account.
  • Scaling your enterprise is less expensive, too. Just multiply the same low price you pay for your cloud data storage service by the value of scale you want to achieve. NETdepot will help you get there.
  • Finally, but not insignificantly, as noted above, NETdepot’s 100% uptime accessibility guarantees that access to your stored data is always available, which makes NETdepot’s S3 storage service a virtually priceless asset to your company.

Any company requires access and management of its data at every moment of every day. NETdepot’s S3 Storage Service gives you the storage capacities you need to accomplish today’s and tomorrow’s goals at a price you’re happy to pay. Perhaps it’s time to chat with the experts at NETdepot to find out why their S3 cloud storage service is the best solution to your data storage problem.

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