Case Study

“ I really appreciate the NETdepot team. They are responsive, reliable, and affordable, and they are experts in their field. I trust them to get the job done.”

Kerwin Lovell

Vice President of Operations
Hilltown Tech


Based in Upstate New York, HillTown Tech provides personalized technology and IT services to residential and commercial customers across the United States and abroad. The company is dedicated to outfitting its customers with the tools they need to succeed by bridging the gaps between affordability, usability, and system capabilities.

Kerwin Lovell, HillTown Tech’s Vice President of Operations, first contacted NETdepot when HillTown Tech was having sporadic performance issues while deploying a hyper-converged infrastructure for a client.

“We were unable to solve the problem on our own, and we were unable to successfully obtain the support we needed from the manufacturer,” said Kerwin. “The assistance we received was insufficient for our purposes. We needed a partner that could help us fully resolve the issue.”


NETdepot initiated the partnership with HillTown Tech by quickly straightening out the performance issues with the client’s hyperconverged infrastructure.

“The NETdepot team proved very knowledgeable when it came to the system,” said Kerwin. “If it weren’t for NETdepot, we would have had to do a complete reinstall and start over, which would have been an expensive undertaking.”

The partnership continued when HillTown Tech had the same hyper-converged infrastructure on premise, and the system needed frequent tweaks.

“I hired NETdepot to do some fine-tuning on our system to improve its functionality, and we had sold two similar systems that we needed help with,” said Kerwin. “Soon after engaging NETdepot, we had a storage issue with our system. I couldn’t figure it out, but I was able to rely on their services to solve it.”

“The NETdepot team takes the time to teach us how to troubleshoot and solve problems. They explain what we need to do and why.”

Kerwin Lovell

Vice President of Operations
Hilltown Tech

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Close Working Relationship

Kerwin has a close relationship with the NETdepot team. “We get along very well,” said Kerwin. “When I contact them, it’s like I’m talking with a friend.”

Helpful Education

When NETdepot comes to resolve an issue, the HillTown Tech team learns something. “The NETdepot team takes the time to teach us how to troubleshoot and solve problems,” said Kerwin. “They explain what we need to do and why.”

Reliable Support

“I know I can always depend on NETdepot to help me find a solution,” said Kerwin. “It gives me peace of mind to have that level of support.”