Case Study

“The NETdepot team is smart and well informed. They know the technology, and if there is something they don’t know, they will figure it out in a way that will help you grow your business.”

Paula Stuart

Head of IT – Director
Alta Resources


Based in Houston, Texas, Alta Resources has been a leader in exploring and developing shale oil and gas assets since 1999.

According to Paula Stuart, Head of IT – Director for Alta Resources, the company’s original cloud service provider was underperforming and didn’t offer enough flexibility or agility for Alta Resources’s needs. Additionally, the Citrix environment that Alta Resources had used was slow and running on an unsupported, end-of-life version.

“Staying with an underperforming provider meant that we would have a slow network, and we would not be using our time wisely,” said Stuart. “Our small IT department would have to do more work and handle more support tickets. Most importantly, if we stayed with our provider, we would be at a technology standstill at a time when it was important for us to be moving forward.”


Alta Resources brought in NETdepot to handle the entirety of its infrastructure.

“One of the things we liked most about working with the NETdepot team was that they understood the importance of moving technology forward and keeping us updated to the latest and greatest software,” said Stuart.

“On top of the network management services they provided, the NETdepot team was there to handle any support issues we may have had,” Stuart continued. “If we came up against something outside our expertise, we could rely on the NETdepot team to help us resolve the issue. So, they are true managed service provider partners.”

“NETdepot focuses on building a true partnership. That has been very important to the success of our business.”

Paula Stuart

Head of IT – Director
Alta Resources

NETdepot provided a range of solutions that included:

  • Migration from the previous provider to NETdepot’s Virtual Private Cloud
  • Provision of additional storage and RAM, which were both required to support the new Virtual Private Cloud environment
  • Establishment of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for workload recovery at a remote NETdepot data center
  • Provision of Backup as a Service that offered a faster recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO)
  • Migration to S3 Object Storage services, which shifted Alta Resources’s cold-data storage from expensive, needlessly fast storage to cheaper, remote storage


Quick, Complete Migration

“We were on a very, very tight deadline regarding our cloud migration,” said Stuart. “One day, we were on the phone with NETdepot’s team for 16 hours. They stayed on the phone with us until we finished the work. They were with us every step of the way.”

Time Savings

“Now that we are working with NETdepot, things are much more efficient,” said Stuart. “Our systems now are much more easily managed. Consequently, we have
been able to cut down on time and not have to worry about how things are running.”

Responsive Customer Service

“If I ever feel like I’m not getting what I need, which is very rare, I can email NETdepot’s senior team, and I will get an answer,” said Stuart. “They are just that good when it comes to customer support.”