Atlanta Network Upgrade

Posted on March 23, 2015 Servers

On March 15 during a planned and notified maintenance window we initiated a network move to new switching gear, which is the final step in separating our networks from the sale of our prior company AtlantaNap to Zayo.

We had already completed the rest of the move over the prior 90 days during maintenance windows successfully.

There was a problem with the piece of equipment and subsequent configurations that caused a spike in CPU loads on that network segment due to problematic configurations between the old network and the new network.

The issue was isolated to one network segment in one of our three data centers. Most customers were resolved immediately however a subset of customers required new VLAN configurations be updated to their profiles which turned out to be a time-consuming process leading to extended downtime for a small number of customers.

This was a one-time move due to a prior sale, which we do not have in the future since the networks are now fully separated.

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