8 Signs You Need a New Cloud Provider

Posted on July 20, 2020 Cloud

Tired of the cloud services you pay for?

It’s a large market and it’s easy to get stuck with a provider that only delivers less-than-stellar quality. But in most cases, you won’t realize you aren’t getting what you’re paying for. It’s especially when you have no technical expertise.

Don’t panic yet.

We’ve prepared a short list below to help you learn the different warning signs associated with a bad cloud provider. Read on and find out whether you need a new company to work with.

1. They Lack Communication Skills

Did you know that 80% of entrepreneurs starting a business fail by the 18th month? If you want a lasting company, you must have a reliable means of communicating with your cloud service vendor. If you’re getting overwhelmed by issues, a bad provider won’t give you a good method of contact.

Another warning sign is when you’re getting passed to various company representatives whenever you reach out to them. Good cloud providers will always give you the most direct contact to answer your specific questions.

2. You Have a Slow or Unreliable Network

When your company’s cloud service network moves slower than a turtle, almost every aspect of your business will get disabled. Your organization’s lifeblood is communication, whether it’s internal or external. That’s why your infrastructure must be fast and reliable to keep up with your business’s demands.

If your cloud services suffer from downtime, it often results in a day’s worth of lost work. It’s not just an inconvenience that wrecks your business productivity. It also results in losses of critical information that will affect your business in the long run.

That’s why it’s always better to get a private cloud infrastructure from a provider with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. And when it does go down, you either get compensation or they’re willing to communicate and solve the problem with you.

3. Your Cloud Service Has Bad Security

Malware infections are on the rise, with almost a million infections per day in the United States. The reason why cyber crimes are prevalent among businesses is that most will often not prioritize cybersecurity seriously. That’s why even as a small business, you must secure your data better, since this discourages hackers from targeting you.

Your choice of cloud providers will determine whether hackers and malware will have a difficult time targeting your data. That’s why they must have good security features for their cloud storage like monitoring services, authentication, and data backups.

If your chosen provider isn’t updated in the latest security threats, they won’t do a good job protecting the data you store in their cloud servers.

And if your cloud service providers won’t update its security measures regularly, you’re vulnerable to future attacks. That’s why it’s time to consider replacing your provider if you feel like you can’t trust them with your data.

4. They’re Too Expensive

A cloud service plan that isn’t cost-effective for your business can drain your budget. It’s especially a bother when they aren’t performing as expected. In most cases, cloud service providers will take care of tasks like maintaining the cloud, storing and securing your data, and freeing up your in-house staff.

If you’re spending too much on your cloud provider fees, consider asking your provider for a budget breakdown. That way, you’ll know how they use the money you pay them. Always check their exact services and compare them to competitors within the same price range.

That’s why it’s important to do research, since it can save you lots of money in the long run. Don’t assume that cloud service providers are the same. Once you choose a provider, don’t settle for them forever.

Sometimes, you’ll need to revisit your decision and dig deeper into the options available to you. Take note, never spend less on your cloud services for the sake of doing so. Always aim to get the highest service quality while maintaining a great price.

5. They Aren’t Meeting Your Desired Business Outcomes

Well-rounded cloud service providers will always contribute to enhancing your business and meet your desired goals. That means they must use a holistic approach to your company, always looking forward to helping you achieve positive outcomes. If your current provider only remedies specific technological issues, it might be time for a change.

Always find a provider that sees your business for its uniqueness, as opposed to one that considers you as one of its interchangeable subscribers. After all, you use technology to reach your business goals. That’s why your cloud providers must know both your short- and long-term goals to ensure they support them.

6. You Outgrew Your Cloud Provider

Does your cloud service provider invest in better technology to ensure they’re giving you the latest innovative solutions?

They should have a means of identifying legacy cloud technology that hinders your business productivity at the start while recommending more advanced solutions befitting your growth. Also, they must allow your business to grow while reducing the complexities associated with it.

Regardless of your reason, if your current cloud service vendor no longer has the means of keeping up with your business need evolution, it will end up doing you more harm in the long run.

7. The Local Hardware Store Has a Better System

Sometimes, checking the local area can give you a much-needed change in perspective. In some cases, you won’t realize how bad your cloud service vendor is until you compare it to other businesses. If local stores have more sophisticated cloud management systems than yours, it’s a definite sign to switch to a better provider.

This also manifests when your business’s productivity decreases while your customers’ dissatisfaction increases. Take note, your workers only perform as great as their software allows. That’s why if your provider has outdated technology, it will hinder your progress and impact your employees’ morale.

8. Your Cloud Provider Has Horrendous Customer Service

Establishing a good relationship between parties is what keeps cloud service providers in business for so long. Sometimes, it’s forgivable for a provider to have a less-than-stellar service. But if they aren’t doing anything to make your situation better, it’s better to lay them off.

In most cases, a cloud company with bad customer support is a red flag. If they aren’t willing to solve your problems efficiently, they most likely don’t care whether you’re working with them or not. So if you’re working with a cloud vendor, ensure they’re easy to reach and willing to take care of you.

What to Look for in Good Cloud Providers

If your current provider has these qualities, it’s a definite sign that it’s time to switch to a new one. But what are the qualities you must look out for in a vendor? Here are some you should consider.

Flexibility on New Business Demands

Whether you’re looking for private or public cloud servers, a good provider must adjust to your business needs. They often have a set of specifications you can choose from. Pick the ones that offer flexibility and accommodate your business requirements.

Starting with this ensures that you’ll make a shortlist of suppliers. It’s always easier to get rid of providers who aren’t fulfilling your objectives.

Data Security

Think about the type of data that goes into your cloud. If you need to keep sensitive data, ensure that your provider has data protection options. When placing a large volume of data in the cloud, ask your provider about their servers’ physical location.

It’s also worth checking their data security compliances. That way, you’re assured that you’re unlikely to suffer from data breaches in the future.

Certifications and Standards

Always pick a service provider complying with industry certifications, such as ISO 27001. They must have a structured process complemented by great data governance and service support.


You can measure a cloud company’s reliability by checking its performance within the past year. Pick companies that can handle both planned and unexpected downtime. It’s critical to do this check since these companies have a huge responsibility for recovering data during and after a disaster.

Customer Support

Pick a cloud service company with 24/7 support. When you migrate and deploy a cloud service system, a professional must be there to help. They must be professional enough to address unexpected issues and give the support you need at the same time.

That’s why before signing a deal, you must have an idea of what to expect from your vendor. Check for online reviews from reliable sources first.

Get Reliable Cloud Services Today

These are the things you must consider to determine whether it’s time to change your cloud provider. It doesn’t matter whether they offer different cloud services. Use this guide to ensure that you’re getting the most out of what you pay for.

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