5 Uses Of VMware Cloud On The AWS Platform

Posted on April 27, 2020 Cloud

If you’re considering moving to AWS’s VMware Cloud, that’s excellent news. If you are a new VMware customer or just considering buying in, we’re sure you have a lot of questions. One might be, “Does VMware Cloud on AWS align with my cloud strategy?” 

Many reasons make VMware cloud with AWS stand out from the rest. Today, we will look at the five that stand out to us. 

What Is VMware and What Does It Do?

The VMware, Inc. began in 1998 to provide a variety of software along with applications to be used for virtualization. Many say become a leader in the industry for virtualization software.

So, now you may wonder what virtualization is because VMware and virtualization are a part of each other. With all the advances in recent times, virtualization has taken off. Many businesses have moved their focus to working virtual rather than in a physical environment. Aside from just keeping up with their competitors, many companies are investing in cloud computing to support employees working remotely out of necessity. 

There are many reasons for looking into VMware and virtualization, but these are the five we think matter:

1. Disaster Recovery as a Service

Some consider Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRAAS), an excellent place to start when looking at VMware on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Until DRAAS, companies were maintaining a second data center, which is costly when you add in the hardware, networking, electricity, compliance checks, space, and fully-trained staff. 

VMware Cloud on AWS uses a four-node cluster that has your VMware workloads protected. It provides the same capabilities that your staff is already familiar with, like test failover, failback, replication, protection, and migration. If they need help Netdepot is there.

These features make it much less costly than having to manage physical infrastructure in a secondary data center.

2. Capacity Overload AKA Bursting

As many businesses know, sometimes capacity forecasting is complicated. This is most especially true if your company tends to go through mergers or acquisitions a lot. It’s hard to plan accurately for the capacity you’ll need for the next 12-15 months.

Sometimes you get it right, but that’s not always the case. VMware Cloud on AWS could be useful for your business here, considering you only pay only for the capacity you use. With ESXi hosts, it’s simple to use the elasticity of the cloud to spin up if extra capacity is needed later temporarily or permanently.

What’s more is that aside from existing methods for essential capacity planning, you can also use the VMware Cloud on AWS Sizer and TCO Calculator given by VMware

3. Remote Worker Support

Right now, many companies are scrambling to support their employees working from home. An excellent option to consider is Horizon 7 VDI environments on VMware Cloud on AWS for an intrinsically secure and scalable virtual desktop infrastructure. Horizon 7 VDI provides end users a single point of access for all their desktops, applications, and online services from any device, anywhere. 

As COVID-19 is continuing to change how we manage daily work, many businesses are adjusting to the pandemic while more employees become remote workers. To assist in this challenge, VMware also announced some changes it is making to help customers and their employees in these difficult times. Companies are making multiple and varied contributions to those that are aiding in the fight against the virus.

VMware Cloud on AWS with services from Netdepot can be the secure desktop solution you are looking for right now.

4. Lower Latency

Many businesses demand that their data reside on-premise due to the application servers that they use. These servers destroy latency and make migrating workloads to the cloud in a traditional way difficult. 

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can move workloads to the cloud to take advantage of autoscaling, load balancing, Relational Database Service (RDS) along with other cloud-native services. All with the surety that there will be no latency issues because of how it is set up in AWS Private Cloud (VPC).

With VPC, your business can have VMware workloads that connect to your workloads in AWS in the same VPC. This method keeps the latency of your WAN connection low. More than this, business-critical applications won’t experience low latency, and you can have both on-premises and cloud resources near. A company like Netdepot can leverage the broader services of the AWS platform with little if any, disadvantages.

5. Reduces Data Center Carbon Footprint

We know that many businesses are anxiously ready to reduce on-premises data centers. Maintaining the hardware for these data centers is expensive, complicated, and requires constant upgrades. If your business is working to reduce its carbon footprint to be a little greener, a VMware Cloud on AWS can help. To get an estimate of your possible reductions to check out their Carbon Calculator.  

For most CIOs keeping their carbon footprint low has become a priority, and many agree that reducing carbon footprint is a big reason they want to reduce their reliance on data centers. We imagine we are going to see this becoming and staying sustainable. Businesses require a carbon footprint that is as low as possible, and it’s becoming a more prominent business objective for many in recent times.

Making the Decision for Vmware Cloud

VMware Cloud on AWS may be what you’re looking for if your company is experimenting with the public cloud. Administrating resource capacity and budgeting for hardware or running out of resources due to mergers may have you feeling stressed and overworked. Perhaps you want to get out of the data center altogether, and in that case, VMware Cloud on AWS with Netdepot might be the right choice.

VMware and AWS offer organizations a faster, secure path to the cloud. Use the skills, processes, and oversite you already have and provide secure virtual apps and desktops over Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions that let employees work securely from anywhere.

What’s Next

Migrating to the VMware Cloud on AWS might be a complicated decision when you consider all that goes into it, but remember we’re all in this together. Have Questions? Contact us today.

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