5 Reasons to Look for a Cloud Security Service in 2021

Posted on November 23, 2020 Cloud

Did your company move to the cloud post-COVID-19? Or were you already a satisfied cloud user? Either way, one aspect is paramount: protecting your data and systems.

The 2020 pandemic has brought about a new array of IT threats. Hackers are using AI to claim to be raising funds for people affected by the pandemic. An unprecedented amount of employees are working from less-than-secure locations and devices.

There’s no doubt about it: the pandemic has brought IT security back to the spotlight.

So, what does the future hold for IT security? While old threats will still be lurking, you must prepare for new attacks as well. To protect your business, your best bet is to choose a cloud security service.

Understanding the Advantages of the Cloud

First things first. Let’s take a look at the benefits that cloud deployments bring to companies around the world.

Why? Because the benefits of implementing a cloud security service go hand in hand with those of hosting your operations in the cloud.

Despite being around for a couple of decades now, cloud computing is still looked at with suspicion by many companies.

There are still some old myths circulating around cloud computing, such as security issues. Some IT managers feel more comfortable relying on traditional IT environments rather than making the bold move to the cloud.

However, there is nothing to fear when considering a cloud deployment. In fact, the gains can be exceptional.

Cost savings, enhanced security, flexibility, scalability, excellent uptime, and cutting-edge disaster recovery features. These are just some of the many advantages that companies can reap from cloud solutions.

So why run your operations on expensive, cumbersome physical servers? If you’re curious to know more, check out NETdepot’s cloud solutions.

Public or Private?

Cloud environments can be private, public, or hybrid.

A private environment will, of course, offer enhanced data security as well as a whole host of customized features. This means that a private cloud is ideal for companies operating in sectors where data sensitivity is paramount. Think about banking, insurance and healthcare, for example.

On the other hand, companies might also want to host their data on a public cloud.

This option is easier to deploy and cheaper to run, which can be a good compromise in some cases. Nonetheless, a fully public cloud might end up posing more security issues than a private environment, and is not suitable for all businesses. If your workloads and data allow for a little flexibility, then you could consider a hybrid cloud.

In our digital era, where so many confidential transactions happen online, opting for a private cloud solution is a wise decision.

NETdepot can help you pick the perfect private cloud solution for your requirements, just get in touch, and we’ll schedule a chat to discuss your needs. If you want to find out more about private cloud storage solutions, read our blog and pick the best one for your company.

Let’s now dive into our topic, and look together at five reasons why you should invest in a cloud security service provider. 

1. Great Value for Money

Money is the first aspect to consider when discussing IT investments. We already have some great news: cloud hosting is very cost-effective.

Cloud deployments allow companies to save huge sums of cash by removing the need to buy, maintain, and manage costly hardware. In the same way, a cloud security service delivers excellent cost savings if compared to traditional security architecture. 

Non-cloud security frameworks can bring your overhead costs way up. Think about all the things that you need to factor in. Buying the security hardware, software, and licenses, running it and maintaining it, and hiring skilled staff.

Cloud security services slash those expenses. Typically, you will only need to pay a fee to your security services provider — and the good news is that the fee includes maintenance costs as well.

Overall, you will realize that even paying a regular fee will cost you a lot less than setting up traditional security protocols.

2. Expertly Managed From Every Angle

Speaking of maintenance, did you know that a cloud security service will take care of everything on your behalf? Yes, from the initial implementation of the framework all the way to threat detection and the management of security patches, it’s all handled by your provider.

With a worrying global shortage of skilled IT staff, putting your cloud security needs in the hands of trusted experts will eliminate the need to hire in-house staff — and will help you sleep better at night.

All-inclusive management also means always-available support. With a private cloud security service, you can rest assured that someone will always be available to assist you, day and night.

And did we mention the huge advantage of having one single point of reference for all your cloud requirements? Not only does this simplify and optimize your operations, but it also cuts costs.

3. Real-time View of Threats

When we talk about cyber attacks, companies instinctively think about the potential loss of capital. And while this is, of course, true, you must keep something else in mind: your customers.

Businesses spend huge amounts of time (and money) towards customer retention strategies, but security breaches can destroy those efforts in one instant. After all, would you be comfortable handing your confidential information to a company that is susceptible to cyber-attacks? 

To avoid losing valued, hard-won customers, you must make sure that your security framework is up to par, and their data is safeguarded. A cloud security service can offer unparalleled protection.

Real-time monitoring features enable your provider to spot potential security concerns as they arise. By doing so, they can take action in a matter of seconds, which helps to prevent concerns from becoming risks, and risks from becoming tangible losses.

4. Exceptional Uptime

What is another big cause of customer attrition, after security breaches and data loss? System downtime. Companies around the world can end up losing the trust of customers if their operations don’t run smoothly.

Cloud-based security services have built-in redundancies. This allows companies to ensure that their online services and transactions are secure as well as always available.

Reliable uptime also goes hand in hand with the swift resolution of potential threats. If you’re able to identify security concerns on-the-fly, but your system crashes before you can handle them, then you’re in trouble.

With a cloud security service, system uptime works as a way to ensure that operations keep running and that threats are dealt with promptly.

5. Full Regulatory Compliance, Always

Another crucial advantage of opting for a cloud security service provider is the maximum level of compliance. When it comes to security, you want to be sure that your systems are always running the latest versions and security patches. This can be challenging if you rely on a physical server environment, and might end up costing you too much and causing downtime and disruptions.

This is often a leading cause of unpatched software in physical environments: because of the disruption that installing a new security patch might generate, software is left unpatched. Unpatched software, though, is more susceptible to security breaches, which means that your organization might fall victim to cybercrime.

If your systems are protected by a cloud security service, you can be confident that all aspects of security are observed, at all times. This means punctual (when not automated) updates, renewal of licenses, and adoption of the latest security patches. Plus, all of this happens in the background: your systems will keep on running, and you (or your customers) won’t notice a thing.

Running systems that are compliant with the current legislation is important for all companies. This, though, becomes crucial if your company operates in a regulated sector. Banking, insurance, and healthcare, for example, must maintain full compliance if they want to avoid fines.

When you comply with the required security regulations, you are in a much better position to pass audits with flying colors. At the same time, your systems and data will be expertly protected.

A win-win scenario which will strengthen your company’s security even further.

Ready to Find the Perfect Cloud Security Service for You?

Now, take some time to digest all of this information, and then you’ll be able to start looking for a cloud security service provider for your company.

Remember to focus on your company and customer needs, as well as any specific legal requirements. 

For even more advice and information on cloud computing, security, and more, head on to our blog.

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