5 of the Fastest Web Hosting Servers

Posted on September 14, 2020 Servers

Whether you are a company or individual putting together a website, you’ll want a speedy connection. These are 5 of the fastest web hosting servers.

Consumers are eager but usually never too patient. 37% of visitors leave if anything takes longer than five seconds, and a steep drop from conversion rates happens well before that.

Rates drop off by 7% starting at only one second of delay. You need to find the best and the fastest servers for your hosting needs to keep up with them.

A piece of the decision-making comes down to personal needs, but let us show you what makes up the rest of the best.

You Need to Be Fast

Fast hosting isn’t just nice to have as a luxury, making things run a bit smoother. More and more, it is a necessity for anyone looking to run an effective business or have a strong presence online.

SEO Ranking

Speed comes into play with Google search ranking, as per statements made by the company itself.

Rankings are directly affected by the load time of the websites. You can have effective and strong content but if you’re hosting causes long load times your search rankings will be hit.

Conversion Rate Return

Humans are impatient and when it comes to viewing media online, and it has only gotten worse. A website needs to load and be active as quickly as possible or the conversion possibility for its visitors will drop steeply.

No matter how you are measuring it, the most important metric is speed. Your site must do it quickly.

Bounce Rate Numbers

The average bounce rate time is about 3 seconds. If a website takes any longer than that to load, the rate increases to an excessive amount.

People demand content and want to be served right away. Most of the developments web design have been focused around addressing this concern.

If you can not keep up with the trends, you may see yourself left without customers.

Style and Goals

There are specific hosts and specific packages for hosting related to WordPress aside from the general web hosting. If you are running a WordPress based site, it is wise to look at those solutions.

While general web hosting can handle a WordPress installation, the set-up grouped in with all other types of websites. Tailored solutions, such as the WordPress servers, in this case, are kept separate and allocated their resources

Because of these separations, it is worth making the proper choice to aid in optimization.

1. Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion is very generous when it comes to what gets included with their subscription packages. Registering a domain is not extra, the host comes with a premium builder and a strong suite of security tools.

If it sounded good and ended up being less than imagined, don’t worry they offer a full refund up to 90 days after. No other service can boast that amount.

Be ready to be patient though, the setup process from interest to finally signing on the dotted line is longer than the rest of the options. Surprisingly now, you actually will get a phone call to confirm too.

Interestingly enough, while being marketed as a global reach option, there is no data center in or allocated solely for “Asia” this can range from an inconvenience to a major issue depending on your market.

A huge miss on the part of Inmotion is the lack of NGINX support. The server configuration is known to greatly decrease site load times and is incredibly popular among developers all over.

Speed rating sits around: 88 – 171.9ms, google recommends 200ms or lower

2. Siteground

For a long time now, Siteground has been a well-known name. Many associate WordPress and Siteground with each other. There is good reason, the quality hosting they offer at the price-point.

They are one of the fastest, if not the fastest, host but at their worst, they have also been shown to be one of the slowest. There is a wide range of server speeds.

That being said they stay one of the best options on the market for any of the various hosting needs you may have.

An unfortunate surprise comes with the second year of subscription, there is a huge jump in price. The cost more than doubles, from $15 to $40.

This isn’t made secret but often missed by many when they are signing up.

Customers should be aware that SiteGround has now stopped offering their dedicated hosting and is only allowing for shared hosting. With that there is a limited amount of space you will have available:

  • For the StartUp 10GB
  • For the GrowBig 20GB
  • For the GoGeek 30GB

Speed rating sits around: 129.8 – 209ms, google recommends 200ms or lower

3. Bluehost

The first thing and a major thing that Bluehost has going for it is the time they have operated in the market. They were founded in 2003.

When you think about that time in terms of the internet that might as well be decades.

Bluehost is also very user-friendly, straightforward, and very reliable. They are perfect for someone who is making their first attempt at a site on the web.

With all the ease and clarity comes a bit of “fog”, unfortunately, especially at the checkout process. In the same ways that the usability best serves a newcomer, the checkout process may pull a fast one.

Bluehost throws a collection of “add-ons” and extra features that someone without experience, especially, maybe unsure about or even completely miss.

These items are helpful tools but non-essentials.

Speed rating sits around: 104 – 153ms, google recommends 200ms or lower.

4. A2 Hosting

A2 comes in on a bit of the higher end, cost-wise but the quality and options account for the price. While dedicated hosting is best when speed is in question, shared options do exist to help with the cost of the subscription

With A2 it is best if you have a bit of understanding before going into the process, their support can be less than responsive. Problems do get solved, eventually. But it often takes multiple attempts.

This presents an issue if there is a high priority matter that needs to be addressed. Slow response time can potentially hold up your entire operation.

That being said A2 has a highly intuitive user interface, well-spread data centers, and a large number of package options to fit all consumers’ needs.

Speed rating sits around: 93 – 173.2ms, google recommends 200ms or lower

5. NETdepot

With 20 years of experience in the field, right away you know that you are pairing with a business that is both tough and will be a reliable resource.

Founded on the S3 service they have more than just a tailored, in these cases WordPress, or general website host. At a fraction of what the AWS price would be too.

If you were to subscribe with a 100GB S3 host having a limit of 20GB outbound data the cost with NETdepot would be $500 as opposed to $2300 with AWS.

The only time cost gets added for outbound data transfer allotment is when the amount is set higher than the storage amount (in this example it would have to be something like 100/110).

NETdepot offers security as a service in-house, offering you confidence that all of your assets will be secure, around the clock. Not only that but the 24/7 support ready to help with any concern, big or small!

With 100% of the 4 strategically spread data centers all running on SSD flash storage, you know there will never be a speed issue accessing any of your information.

That storage is available with some of the best-valued plans around, dedicated, or shared alike. Dedicated servers starting at $140 for 128GB of storage and shared at as little as $10 for 30GB.

And with dark fiber connections on all of those same centers, there is little risk of downtime and the guarantee of the fastest response times around.

Even at these price points, nothing is lacking, full automation of resource provisioning, and backup so that you as the consumer do not have to worry about any of it.

Big resources for little bills.

The Fastest Servers Bringing You the Greatest Content

Now more than ever the internet is a marketplace of speed. Consumers have become increasingly impatient and will toss out a site if they are kept waiting.

By selecting among the fastest servers you can assure to not get tossed on the garbage heap.

Get in touch with NETdepot today to discuss what style and size of the hosting package will be able to serve you best. Remember like all things online, those who move quickly are the ones that succeed!

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