NetDepot’s managed cPanel dedicated servers allow you to focus on your core business objectives. Our certified team of experts proactively manages and controls every aspect of your server infrastructure.

24x7x365 Priority Managed Support

Take advantage of our on-site experts, which are available to you 24x7x365. Our team is comprised of the industry’s leading technical experts who understand your needs. your hosting environment is safe in their hands.

Managed cPanel Systems

  • Free migration from any cPanel dedicated server
  • Setup CSF/APF
  • Setup RKhunter, CHkrootkit, setup alerts for them
  • Setup of monitoring for services and hardware
  • Initial WHM/cPanel Setup
  • Install Atop/MyTop/MultiTail/ConfigServer File Manager/Mail Queue Manager
  • Upgrade MySQL to 5.1
  • Both the data center and customer can receive alerts if desired
  • Help recover and setup after crash/hack.
  • Rebuild from most recent backups from customer files.
  • Remote reboot included
  • Disable unnecessary services/users
  • Hardening of LAMP Stack
  • Secure OpenSSH setup Passwordless access (SSH Keys only)
  • Backup services- setup and integration with cPanel if you have purchased our backup solution
  • Install Web Applications instantly with Softaculous
  • Installation of most free and available ConfigServer scripts.
  • 3rd Party Software install if compatible with cPanel
  • Installation of any Softaculous package OS and cPanel Softaculous updated weekly

Managed Operating System
OS updates, kernal patches, and security hardening are taken care of by us. Our team will advise on when to schedule or execute an update so you can focus on your business and customers.

Monitoring and Reporting
It's important that the core components of your infrastructure are monitored around the clock. Always available and easily understandable, our reporting and administration metrics can be access through our industry leading portal.

Managed Hardware
All server components are actively monitored and maintained by our team of on-site engineers. Inventory is actively stocked to ensure replacements are readily available in the event of hardware failure. Preventative monitoring and industry best practice by our team also reduces the associated risks.

Managed Backup
Reduce the risk of losing data by protecting your data and business reputation. Preserving your data and maintaining its integrity will allow your business to stay grounded in the event of a disaster. Our reliable managed backup solution will help you sleep easier at night. Learn more about managed backup service.